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Mar 9

“Just working and pushing myself towards this goal had changed me in ways I couldn’t believe; I never got the chance to thank [Cindy] for that. This whole experience has changed my outlook on life and taught me to really appreciate it. I now strive to use all my time here to further or better the lives of others. I am also more sympathetic to people around me and have learned to open my eyes: everyone around me has some kind of story and some kind of struggle. Now that I see this I can better relate and open up to them. It’s really hard to describe how much Cindy taught me, though I hadn’t ever met her before.”

Helen Slivinski, a Sophomore at South Lakes High School, began her International Baccalaureate (IB) program service project knowing that she wanted it to benefit a good cause, and that she would incorporate her passion for performing arts. Helen’s projects to raise money and awareness include long term t-shirt and pin sales and culminate in a performing arts benefit show on March 20th.  The campaign is branded “Think Love,” a theme and design created by Helen for the project.

Helen’s dance teacher, also her sponsor for the project, told her about a friend of a friend, Cindy Martin, who was struggling to pay for her cancer treatment. Cindy worked as a hairdresser in Helen’s community, and was known to be a friend to everyone she met. Cindy had no health insurance, so when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in August of 2010, she had no idea how she would pay for treatment. By the time Helen found Cindy, she was battling the remaining 10% of her malignant tumor, as well as a wave of overwhelming medical bills. With her sponsor’s guidance, Helen decided that the proceeds from the fundraiser would be used to offset Cindy’s treatment costs.

“Everyone at the fundraiser had some strange connection to the both of us and affected our lives indirectly. It was so strange: I don’t think I could describe it in words except to just call it fate. “

As preparations were being made for the benefit show, they received horrible news. On February 23rd, Ms. Martin passed away. She caught pneumonia, and her immune system was too weak to handle the disease and the treatment.

“It was devastating to find out that all my work was unnecessary. I was too late to help her. I didn’t even have a chance to meet her.”

According to the family’s wishes, the total raised after the benefit show will be split evenly between Imerman Angels and the National Brain Tumor Society. Helen’s hope for the show is to raise awareness and create a sense of closure for Cindy’s friends and family. Imerman Angels is lucky to have supporters like Helen. The thoughtfulness and effort invested in this project is truly inspiring. The “Think Love” benefit show, upcoming on March 20th, will include performances by students and local professionals. If you live in or around Washington DC, we strongly encourage you to attend! The show will take place at South Lakes High School (11400 South Lakes Dr, Reston, VA 20191).

Feb 2

Snow Angels help promote Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support

Parts of the United States are blanketed in snow. People are home from work and have extra time to create words like “snowpocalypse” and “blizaster”. With all this bonus time, we put together a list of 7 things you can do from home to help ensure no one faces cancer alone:

  1. Tell someone you know about our service. We personally connect anyone fighting cancer with a cancer survivor just like them. These “Mentor Angels” (now more than 4,000!) are carefully selected and have beaten the same cancer, at the same stage, with the same treatment. Our service is for anyone living anywhere with any type of cancer. It’s free. Just point them to or have them call toll free 877-274-5529.
  2. Upload a photo of a Snow Angel to your social media profile and add the caption “Imerman Angels helps ensure no one faces cancer alone.
  3. Request brochures through our website and distribute them to doctors, nurses, and cancer professionals you know. Check it out at
  4. Use social media to raise awareness – thousands of people hear about our free cancer support service from the use of social media. Here’s a list of simple ways to help in 5 minutes or less:
  5. Run a race or join a team to raise awareness and funds. Last year almost 200 marathon runners wore Imerman Angels jerseys and raised funds to promote our mission and help ensure no one faces cancer alone. Sign up at
  6. Plan an event to benefit Imerman Angels – last year alone people planned benefits ranging from simple parties with a few friends to sophisticated tournaments with hundreds of people. You can too, check out our event hosting page at
  7. Feeling generous? Make a tax-deductible donation online at

May 10
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 3:53 pm

One ManONE MAN CHICAGO is a totally unique and new event culminating on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park.  Ginger Zee of NBC Chicago and Keli Zink of Celeb TV will co-host the hottest ticket in town where ONE MAN is selected who best represents this diverse city.  Through a series of informal interviews, video and style segments, judges will choose ONE MAN CHICAGO from a field of 20 finalists.  Each applicant chooses his favorite charity to affiliate with when he submits an application or is nominated for ONE MAN CHICAGO, and the winner and his charity split $5,000. The charities selected by the 20 finalists will receive an additional 30% of ticket proceeds.

Eligibility is simple.  Any man between the ages 24 – 44 living in the Chicago area can enter or be nominated at  The deadline for applications is midnight on June 21, 2010.  Twenty finalists will be selected and their photos and profiles will be posted online at

The ultimate winner of ONE MAN CHICAGO will be chosen based in part on online voting beginning on July 8th and open to anyone 18 and older.  Four happy hour parties will be held during the online voting period to allow the community to ‘Meet the Men’ and learn about the charities they have selected.  The parties will feature the signature, ‘One Mantini,’ and complimentary appetizers.  They are open to the public and admission is free.

One Man Chicago Happy Hours:

  • Thursday, August 5               6 – 8 pm          Martini Park, 151 W. Erie Street
  • Tuesday, August 10               6 – 8 pm          Rockit Wrigleyville, 3700 N. Clark
  • Thursday, August 19             6 – 8 pm          John Allan’s Spa, 111 W. Jackson Boulevard
  • Wednesday, August 25         6 – 8 pm          Market Bar Chicago, 1113 W. Randolph

In addition to online voting, the 20 finalists will be narrowed to one person by a panel of local Chicago judges at the finale event.

Amongst the judges is our Jonny Imerman!

ONE MAN CHICAGO is the first-of-its-kind professional search to select the man aged 24 – 44 who embodies the best of the Chicago area from the perspectives of community involvement, intelligence, personality, and fitness.  Each applicant’s promotion of a local charity is a unique opportunity to spotlight the local philanthropic organizations that make Chicago great.   One Man Chicago is sponsored by Marshall Pierce & Company, Equinox Fitness, AKIRA, John Allan’s,, Café Magazine, and The Men’s Book.  For more information, visit

Feb 18

TERMINATOR 3 PREMIERELast night the Blue Man Group in Chicago hosted Imerman Angels staff, volunteers, friends and family for a complimentary viewing of their famous show. If you have not seen them in action, it is definitely an experience.   Thank you again for having us and showing your support for 1-on-1 cancer pairing!

A blurry iPhone pic of me and my friends Jonny Imerman, Anthony Knierim and Sarah Swanson

A blurry iPhone pic of me and my friends Jonny Imerman, Anthony Knierim and Sarah Swanson

Nov 17
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 8:39 am


Show off your Movember ‘stache with Jonny Imerman at Halo [FOR MEN]‘s complimentary happy hour at Martini Park TONIGHT.  Complimentary cocktails and appetizers will be served from 6-7:30 p.m. 


Still deliberating on your moustache of choice?  Use this handy guide to choose your own style, stop by Martini Park tonight and register for Movember!

(Guys and Gals are both welcome at this event)

Martini Park: 151 E. Erie St.



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