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Feb 10
Category: Imerman Supporters
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 3:32 pm

1-on-1 support




“Pamela (Trombero) and Jonny have devoted their lives to preventing anyone else from feeling the isolated during diagnosis, treatment, or as a survivor.”  Read about them on Ulman Cancer Fund’s Blog:

Dec 15


houseIn the mood for a little holiday home improvement?  Buy a bakery decorating kit ($15) and construct the house of your dreams from pre-made cookies while raising funds for Imerman Angels at the Gingerbread House Extravaganza hosted by: Silver Cloud Bar & Grill. 

1700 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647-5509
(773) 489-6212

Oct 26


Akira has posted a video of the Garden of Eden Fashion Show that was held late summer to benefit Imerman Angels. 

Check out the latest Akira fashions on the IA catwalk!

Oct 6
Category: Imerman Supporters
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 6:52 pm


Amongst the IA network there are more than a few dedicated runners, including our Imerman Active team (participating in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!), but it may be safe to say that no one runs further for Imerman Angels than Adrian Belitu.

Adrian at Spartathalon

Adrian (LEFT) at the Spartathalon in September 2009

Founder of Benefits of Giving and The Endurance Club, Adrian is an ultra-distance runner who participates in races of over 100 miles all over the world.  His most recent event was the Spartathalon: an invitation-only, 135 mile run from Athens to Sparta that took 36 hours to complete.  Having lost both of his parents to cancer, Adrian decided to run in support of IA.

Dedicated to The Endurance Club motto “raise more than just a sweat”, Adrian has expanded his passion of running into a fundraising opportunity that had originally generated $5K for IA.  He will not stop there.  By creating Benefits of Giving, he plans to work alongside our goals of growth over the next few years by attempting to raise a million dollars to aid in our mission of connecting cancer fighters and survivors for 1-on-1 support.

Ultra-distance running, according to Adrian, is an individual challenge within a community event.  Runners speak to one another as they journey over mountains and push through hours of intense physical exertion while helping each other make it to the finish.  Similar to this, Adrian believes that athletes can benefit from collaborating towards a fundraising effort and making a big difference together.  His million dollar goal, with support of athletes around the country, will be possible.

Through Benefits of Giving, an athlete can turn any competition into an opportunity to improve the lives of people fighting cancer.  Not limited to distance runners, athletes across disciplines are able to identify an event to dedicate themselves to and, from there, a customized fundraising page can be created!  The site allows each participant to track the donations that they have received: friends and family can click “Donate to Me” and quickly submit money to the mission of their choice.

Dedicated competitors can take their game to the next level by enrolling in The Endurance Club, which will allow them to, through fundraising, collect “points” on the site that can then be applied towards entry fees for future events.  They say that good deeds are paid forward and The Endurance Club is proof of this!

Visit The Endurance club!


Visit Benefits of Giving!


Benefits of Giving

Oct 5
Category: Imerman Supporters
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 5:04 pm


Do you have two left feet for running, but want to know how you can contribute to our mission of 1-on-1 cancer support during Marathon Week?   Visit our First Giving page and sponsor members of our Imerman Active team who will be running in Sunday’s marathon!

Let your fingers do the running here!


The link above will lead you to a webpage dedicated to IA where you can choose from several IA runners who have already set up an online fundraising page.  To date: 132 people are raising money and 1,428 people have donated!

Another great donation?  Your voice!  Come clap your hands and cheer on our light blue jerseys as they cross the finish line.

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