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May 5
ImermanImerman Angels was at the Health Fair/Grand Opening of the second Doctors Immediate Care location in the Chicagoland area: the perfect, health care solution for families and individuals of all ages, including:  those who have an emergency and cannot reach their primary care doctor, are visiting from out of town or are new to the area and currently do not have a doctor.  This new location, is located at 2724 W. 47th Street in the Brighton Park neighborhood.
* Convenient walk-in medical care with licensed physicians who are available during extended hours 365 days a year to treat any non-life-threatening illness or injury that needs immediate attention.
* Drug testing and DNA paternity testing.

Why:  They recognized the need for accessible, economical medical care, particularly for those patients with minor accidents and illnesses not necessarily requiring the extensive services of a hospital’s emergency department.

The first Doctors Immediate Care Clinic opened in Naperville, IL. on 20th November 2009

Feb 4
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 6:20 pm

Pink RibbonDoreen Puglisi, founder of The Pink Ribbon Program, can speak to the results of the rehabilitating workout: she first implemented it on herself.  As an Exercise Physiologist recovering from breast cancer, she realized that there was no specific rehab protocol to transition post-operative survivors back into the activities that they loved the most. From her curiosity, the Pilates-based program was born.

“The program was just a great match between what the patients needed and the way that Pilates works- it is about integrating muscular movement and range of motion.  It’s not about lifting weight, but about control and breath.  It’s about getting the patient base back to a quality of life.”

According to Doreen, new research sites that early intervention in physical therapy is better than waiting towards recovery, which has prompted her desire to educate healthcare providers about PT for breast cancer survivors.  Read her article on this topic. In addition to incorporating activity, she also seeks to educate survivors to challenge recovery, while monitoring potential related issues.

“The true goal of the movement, designed for the patient based, to get them to graduate so that they can get through the rehab process, feel better, move better, have less limitations, know what the modifications are.”

Doreen’s words about recovering from a masectomy:

“I’ve been down this road.  You don’t want to feel forever that you can’t do these things (activities she loved). After my surgery, I was afraid to move, I thought it might hurt and may do more damage.  We educate the patients about this- movement is really great.  It helps you heal.  The goal is to move forward from being a pink ribbon patient.  That to me was so rewarding, it is exactly what happens.  I know what that feels like to go through that and get an arm to function again.  You go through moments where you think it wont  happen again and it happens.”

Pilates instructors with an interest in incorporating Pink Ribbon Programs into their studios are encouraged to reach out for information on implementation, education and training.  Last year she trained 100 healthcare educators and Pilates instructors though a 2-day educational program covering topics ranging from biomechanics to pain management.

A great quote from Doreen: “You take what life gives you and move forward.  I believe I got this cancer to help others.  It helped me to gain insight and I know that I can  help people who have gone through a similar experience to mine”.  Find a course in your area and get started!

Jan 17

Cycle for SurvivalNeed an excuse to get your fitness back in gear?  Imerman Angels will be riding at Cycle for Survival to support research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The event takes place in NYC on January 31 and in Chicago on February 6. Cycle for Survival has already raised more than $2 million to fund research and clinical trials that bring new progress – and new hope – to people affected by cancer.

Feel free to gather a few riders together to form a team or coordinate through our Facebook Fan Page to find others to ride with you.  Go to to register and wear your Imerman Angels tshirts to help us spread the mission!

Not from the Windy City or Big Apple?  That’s okay!  You can ride as a Satellite Rider, in a gym or on the road.  Check out the website for more information.

FYI: Fundraising Minimum:

To ensure that fundraising commitments are fulfilled, each Cycle for Survival team participating at an NYC Equinox location is responsible for fulfilling the $1,000 fundraising requirement by January 15, 2010. Teams participating at Equinox Chicago are responsible for fulfilling the $500 fundraising requirement by January 22, 2010. If funds are not received by the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel your team entry and transfer the bike reserved for you to one of our wait-listed teams. Please contact us with any questions regarding the fundraising minimum requirement.”

Jan 4


musclesLIVESTRONG and the YMCA are partnering up to deliver fitness programs tailored to cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.  From muscle endurance programs in Ann Arbor,  24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte and Yoga in Dallas to nutrition in Des Moines, LIVESTRONG is helping the cancer community all around the country.  Click here to see how you can participate!

Dec 10


logoIf you are living in Chicago, or the greater Chicagoland area, it doesn’t need to be said that it is nearly freezing outside.  With limitations on outdoor activity to provide leisure, fitness and relaxation,  Chicagoans need to look inward to find replacement activities.

Gilda’s Club Chicago, an organization tailored to men, women and children diagnosed with cancer and their familes and friends, sponsors indoor activites centered around wellness and relaxation.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Cooking and Music Relaxation are only a few of the free classes that they offer.  If you or your family are within the cancer community, this may be a great opportunity for you to unwind and fight the urge to hibernate.  Check out their calender for upcoming classes and workshops.

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