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Feb 13
Teri and JonnyImerman Angels hosts an Ice Cream Social every month at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, special thanks to Berry Chill for donating yogurt every month!!  The nurses and patients love seeing us!  It’s also a great opportunity to be exposed to so many people who can benefit from our 1-on-1 cancer support, people who may have never heard about IA or what we do.  I love to spend time talking with cancer fighters and their families, so I try to volunteer at any event which allows me to interact with these amazing people!  Here’s an email I sent to the IA Crew/Committee Heads after last month’s ice cream social.  It really makes you realize what a wonderful organization Imerman Angels is and what an awesome job the crew in the office is doing on a daily basis!  Kudos!!!
Hey IA Crew!!!!!

Just HAD to tell you about our day today at the Ice Cream Social!!!  Phil Chang, Jonny and I were there and we met a few cancer fighters, their families and the wonderful staff.  The staff was AMAZING, as usual!  They love to see us AND are so knowledgeable about IA…..LOVE it!!!  The one lady the really made a huge impression on us was very lost, not knowing what to do.  Her husband was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and she has NO idea what to do…is STILL trying to digest the news.  I’ve been through that, not understanding what exactly is going on, not really believing it, not knowing who to turn to or what to do and most of all, not knowing how you are going to live without this person in your life.  We’ve all been through these emotions, WE know what she is going through.  This is why we do what we do and this is why Imerman Angels is SO important to everyone who is affected by cancer, caregivers included.  I have NO doubt this woman will contact us, Jonny and I both gave her our cards with our cell phone numbers, because we ARE there for her, we DO geniunely care….that’s what Imerman Angels is all about.  We’re there to lift her up, there to show her love and support and to let her know she is NOT alone, even though she feels that way right now.  Her and her husband have been together since they were 19 years old, he’s the only love she’s ever known.  It has always been just the two of them, no children.  I know, in my heart, we were there for a reason….it was NOT a mistake Imerman Angels was there today.  To hug this woman and feel how grateful she is that we care, that a wonderful organization like Imerman Angels even exists was overwhelming……I cannot express how proud I am to be a part of this amazing organization!!!  THIS is why we do what we do on a daily basis!!!!

Thank You!!!!

Teri Ramirez
Outreach Committee Chair

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  1. I got the email from Terri explaining about this woman and knew instinctively who to call it was Terry Gillespie( the woman featured in the last blog). I called Terry, left her a message about this woman and her contact info. By the time i got back from lunch, Terry had called me to let me know that she called the woman and they had a great conversation.
    Its amazing when we can make connections that fast and get people the helping heart and hand they need.

    Lisa Cristia
    Connection Specialist

    Comment by Lisa Cristia — Feb 14 @ 11:23 pm

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