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Jun 3

BridgesCheck out PAGE 5 of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Newsletter!  Featured is a spot on IA, mailed today, that will reach everyone in their database.  This type of outreach allows us to connect with more cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers for 1-on-1 support relationships!

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  1. I can’t say enough about Memorial Sloan Kettering. After getting no where with my local doctors in terms of plans for attacking my Stage 4 colon cancer and liver mets, I decided that just doing chemo and waiting for the cancer to return was not an option. By a series of coincidences and connections, I got in MSK with THE best liver surgeon who looked at me and said the Magic Words “There Is Hope”. I left chicago and went to NY for 3 weeks for my life saving surgery. The Doctors and nurses are the best and the hospital is top notch!

    Comment by Peggy — Jun 11 @ 1:53 pm

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