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Jun 7

SJ_blueThis weekend IA was lucky to have our buddy and founder of Single Jingles, Matt Ferstler, in town from Austin, TX.  Matt is an Angel and a testicular cancer survivor.  After losing one of his “jingles” to cancer, he teamed up with another survivor and started the organization to raise awareness.

Testicular cancer is the #1 most diagnosed in young men.  Check out Single Jingles for more info!

“The only thing better about the name ‘Single Jingles’ is the message that it carries!!!! Matt Ferstler created Single Jingles to make young men more comfortable about discussing testicular cancer – the #1 most common cancer among young men in America – to educate and create awareness to increase early detection… And save more lives!!! What we need in the testicular cancer world is a FUNNY name like Single Jingles to make guys laugh!! We need to make them laugh and get comfortable in order to get more people to talk about it!!! As a 2x testicular cancer survivor, I will do everything in my power to help Matt Ferstler and the Single Jingles to make the testicular cancer world a safer and better place!!! Great job Matt!!!” ~Jonny 

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