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Nov 22


IA LogoWeekly Pair-Up Spotlight: The Angel & Caregiver Duo

We had some pretty incredible fighter, survivor and caregiver connections this past week… it’s hard to choose just one to spotlight!

A husband and wife reached out to us from the western suburbs of Chicago. They’re both in their late 40s and also have two healthy children at home. The family learned about Imerman Angels at the Rush Hospital Cancer Survivor’s Day. The husband recently had a reoccurrence of Multiple Myeloma and wanted to connect with another guy who went through Multiple Myeloma with a reoccurrence. His wife also wanted to connect to another caregiver – someone who could relate to what she’s currently going through. Imerman Angels was able to introduce this family to another amazing family – a man who also had a reoccurrence of Multiple Myeloma and his wife, an incredible and sweet caregiver. They’re both in their late 30s, living in the northern suburbs of Chicago, they also have a child and were also treated at Rush Hospital in Chicago . This particular survivor and caregiver angel duo are shining stars who have helped many other families dealing with Multiple Myeloma!

 We’ve already received feedback that both families have connected and will plan to stay in touch to provide support, inspiration and encouragement! This is what Imerman Angels is all about! If you or someone you know would like to get connected for 1-on-1 support, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Everyone on staff at IA is a cancer survivor – we can immediately relate to what you’re going through. We’re more than happy to get you connected to someone else who is exactly like you. Someone who’s been there, done that – and has walked a mile in your shoes!

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