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Jan 1


IA braceletCheck out the Top 10 Lists at

“The Planet Cancer Web site provides a unique voice for young adults who have been affected by cancer: fresh and irreverent, but always honest. The site offers information, connections, entertainment and support. The heart of the site is the Forum, a thriving online community where users find and communicate with other young adults around the world about what’s on their minds – from death or fertility issues to dumb things people say.”

Top 10 Uses for LIVESTRONG Wristbands (or in our case, IA Wristbands!)

10. Even your gerbil needs a hula hoop.

9. Use one as an emergency car fan belt.

8. Stick in front of teeth and behind lips, make scary faces and frighten small children.

7. Use four wristbands to suspend yourself from the ceiling of exam rooms after the nurse has left, thus avoiding unpleasant procedures or just scaring the living hoo-ha out of your doctor.

6. Make trendy 80′s earrings.

5. Slap one on your drink at parties to avoid accidental “sharzies” germs.

4. Keep your pant leg up so you don’t get grease all over it while biking all over New England on the Next Step/Planet Cancer survivor adventure.

3. Diamond rings are so 20th century – try a LAF wristband for your engagement.

2. Shoot at other patients to incite saline bag fights.

1. The latest in tourniquet chic.

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