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Feb 23
My Lifeline

Marcia's Boys Rocking Their IA Gear!

“MyLifeLine was founded in 2006 by Marcia Donziger, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997, when she was 27 years old. The Internet existed at the time, but not with the fullness it does now. She recalls feeling overwhelmed by the volume of concern, during a time when she was struggling to fight the cancer inside her. She couldn’t physically return all the phone calls herself, and found it emotionally draining to repeat the same information about her condition, over and over. She often felt guilty for not staying in better touch with the people who cared about her”.

From her experience, MyLifeLine was born.  In a nutshell: is a non-profit organization that provides free, customizable websites to empower cancer patients and caregivers to build an online community of friends and family to foster connection, inspiration and healing.

Each patient website includes 6 pages: Connecting Updates, Inspiring Messages, Helping Calendar, Laughing Medicine, Giving Angels, and Learning Links.

“What makes us unique are that we are 100% focused
on the needs of cancer patients and their families. We are a member-driven site and implement as many ideas given to us by our members as we can,” Marcia shared.

Check out a working demo or get started on your own!

Feb 17

SPRING FLINGPurchase your tickets for the Imerman Angels SPRING FLING.


What: Learn about Imerman Angels, show love to IA, meet new friends, have drinks, have appetizers, relax, mingle with other good people, support 1-on-1 cancer pairing, meet Jonny Imerman, learn how you can get involved, have a reason to get dressed up!

Why: 100% of the proceeds benefit Imerman Angels, helping us to connect cancer fighters and survivors all over the world in 1-on-1 support relationships.

When/Where: March 18th from 7-11pm at Enclave (222 w. Chicago, Chicago, IL).

Cost: A $30 pre-sale ticket will grant you two drinks and appetizers.   The online pre-sale has begun, get your tickets before they sell out, which they will!

Buy your tickets here!

Feb 12
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IATerry Gillespie is a superstar among our mentor Angels. While being diagnosed with stage IIIB carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, she did not let the diagnoses bring her down. Not only did she beat it, but she did so with an enthusiasm and passion rarely found in any individual.  She has dedicated most of her time to be a mentor angel and helps others after their initial diagnosis and through their treatments.

With only one lung, she bowls several times a week and loves to swim. According to Terry, she “doesn’t really swim, she bobs”

Terry is a shining example of energy, compassion, vivaciousness and love all wrapped up in one. She does her best to personally visit her pair-ups if she can. She has visited fighters in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri, often sending beautiful crystal and pearl survivor bracelets to the women she mentors. She  tells the fighters that she paired up with “if you can’t cry with me, who are you going to cry with” She truly believes that no one can really understand what you’re going through more than someone who has been there. And been there she has.

Terry is working on putting together her own non for profit organizations called “Lung Cancer Heroes” dedicated to raising awareness and funding for lung cancer research

Although new to the Imerman Angel staff, this past January, I had the pleasure of introducing Terry to her 50th 1-on-1 pair up. She has done several more since. Terry has a “can-do” attitude that is unparalleled. She has never said no, she has never been too tired, too busy, too pre-occupied, too anything to help out a person in their time of need.  She hugs with her heart and high fives with her soul.

Imerman Angels is proud to have her among our dedicated group of Survivor Mentor Angels.

- Lisa Cristia, Connection Specialist

Feb 10
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1-on-1 support




“Pamela (Trombero) and Jonny have devoted their lives to preventing anyone else from feeling the isolated during diagnosis, treatment, or as a survivor.”  Read about them on Ulman Cancer Fund’s Blog:

Jan 28
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Jonny and Kelly McCarthy running in the Carlsbad Half Marathon

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