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Dec 29
Category: Think Positive!
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 11:21 am


checklistSome statistics say that 97% of New Year’s goals will not be kept.  As a regular goal maker I thought I’d pump up the possibility of making lasting changes with a new year (and decade!) just a few days away.

Internet statistics vary, but several sites stated that: 40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year.  Additionally, some studies showed that, though many people quickly break their resolutions, people who explicitly resolve to make a change are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who do not: 75% making it past the first week; 46% making it past 6 months. 

Popular new years goals include:

Eating Healthier (weight loss),  


Quitting Smoking (preventing cancer), 


Improving Mental Wellness 

Volunteering Time


Here are a few tips from a variety of sources that I thought were smart in achieving a New Year’s Resolution:

* Be honest about where you are starting from and choose goals that are realistic. 

* Vividly imagine your goals and write them down as precisely as you can.  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”- Peter Drucker

* Break your goal into a series of smaller goals that can be accomplished day-by-day, rather than expecting change all at once.   Example: losing 2 pounds a month  = 24 pounds in a year!  24 pounds equates to 5 bags of ice, a small dog or the Heisman Trophy!

* Complete a measureable action plan that includes all the steps necessary to achieve your goal, with due dates.  

* Regularly evaluate your progress.

* Don’t be afraid of failing.  Prepare your mind to achieve the goal, but relax!  If you “fall off the wagon”, shake it off and get back on.

* Celebrate small achievements!  Making and accomplishing goals should be rewarding and fun. 

Summary: you can be in the 46% of goal makers who succeed if you decide to make it happen!

Dec 23
Category: Everything Cancer
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 2:37 pm


” The complete genetic codes for two human cancers have been mapped for the first time.  The move could herald a medical revolution in which every tumor can be targeted with personalized therapy.”

Read the article below for more details!!:

Cracking the Code Article

Dec 7
Category: Imerman Angels
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Written By: @ 4:19 pm


IA LogoWeekly Pair-Up Spotlight: Thankful for an Angel

This past week, we had an overwhelming number of people reach out for 1-on-1 support. Typically, we see a decline around the holidays due to the fact that most people are with their families and/or traveling and out of town. To our surprise, over 27 new cancer fighters registered online over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

A woman living in Chicago was recently diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. She’s 60 years old and her daughter told her all about Imerman Angels! After she registered online, we were able to find her the perfect match in our network! We paired her up with another woman living in Tuscon, AZ who beat stage III colon cancer nearly four years ago! The cancer fighter was so thankful to meet another woman who could help her come up with the appropriate questions to ask her oncologist. She was so overwhelmed when she was diagnosed; her whole world was turned upside down. With the help of her new angel, she’ll get the emotional and peer support that she needs to stay strong during her upcoming fight against colon cancer!

 On behalf of everyone at the IA office, we’re very thankful that we were able to provide hope and inspiration to everyone who contacted Imerman Angels this past week!

Happy Holidays!

Nov 20


Yoga Bear founder, Halle Tecco, is one of ten 2009 L’Oreal Woman of Worth honorees.  Halle was selected among nearly 2,500 applicants for her charitable work through Yoga Bear.  Beginning earlier this week, L’Oreal opened an online voting period starting today through Nov. 24.  If Halle wins the most votes among the other nine honorees, L’Oreal will donate $25,000 to Yoga Bear!

Should Halle win, this will be Yoga Bear’s largest donation or grant to date.  Relying on dedicated volunteers and operating on a small budget, they have been able to make a huge impact, touching the lives of more than 2,000 survivors and distributing more than $100,000 worth of free yoga passes.   Yoga Bear is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.

It only takes a few moments to vote, but could make a huge difference for an organization like Yoga Bear.  Talk with your fingers and help a great cause!

“I believe there needs to be a greater focus on improving quality of life for cancer survivors through holistic and complementary treatments like yoga. Few survivors receive help after treatment for the physical and emotional toil it takes on them.”- Halle

Nov 18


Jonny packed up for Austin, TX to attend the 3rd annual LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance conference.  The event was attended by our friends in the cancer community: a collective of non-profits, hospitals and cancer centers who joined together to discuss topics related to advocating on behalf of young adults (a patient population who is often forgotten, living in between pediatrics and older patients) and improving survival.  According to LIVESTRONG:  “The Alliance is a group of organizations brought together that serve people with cancer ages 15-40 and are filling a drastic void in cancer care and support.”



A few words from Jonny:

“The Alliance this year had over 120 organizations, each that help young adults with cancer!!! It was AMAZING to see the PASSION in the room – many survivors and caregivers, and how we ALL want to unify to improve the cancer support world!!! The atmosphere was one of friendship, collaboration, and ACTION!!!  IA is now working with every single group there!! LiveSTRONG does a fantastic job of bringing us all together and helping us find synergies!!!”15931_177784778910_570563910_2797142_4964876_n

Thanks to Jack Bouffard and Tracy Maxwell for allowing me to publish their photos!

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