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Jan 27

Laura and Amy

Laura Alexander, Director of PR/Events and Connection Specialist for IA, and Amy Rosko, Imerman Active Committee Chair (above), are kicking off 2010 with new ideas for our IA athletes!

Imerman Active involves athletes from all over the country.  Upcoming events include the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago and the Half Marathon in Austin.  Thinking of running the 2011 Chicago Marathon?  It’s never too soon to start planning with Imerman Angels.

Reach out to for more details or visit

Jan 17

Cycle for SurvivalNeed an excuse to get your fitness back in gear?  Imerman Angels will be riding at Cycle for Survival to support research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The event takes place in NYC on January 31 and in Chicago on February 6. Cycle for Survival has already raised more than $2 million to fund research and clinical trials that bring new progress – and new hope – to people affected by cancer.

Feel free to gather a few riders together to form a team or coordinate through our Facebook Fan Page to find others to ride with you.  Go to to register and wear your Imerman Angels tshirts to help us spread the mission!

Not from the Windy City or Big Apple?  That’s okay!  You can ride as a Satellite Rider, in a gym or on the road.  Check out the website for more information.

FYI: Fundraising Minimum:

To ensure that fundraising commitments are fulfilled, each Cycle for Survival team participating at an NYC Equinox location is responsible for fulfilling the $1,000 fundraising requirement by January 15, 2010. Teams participating at Equinox Chicago are responsible for fulfilling the $500 fundraising requirement by January 22, 2010. If funds are not received by the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel your team entry and transfer the bike reserved for you to one of our wait-listed teams. Please contact us with any questions regarding the fundraising minimum requirement.”

Jan 13

pic for blogHi, from one of the few true Chicagoans, left in Chicago. I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know how” Over The Moon” happy I am to have joined Imerman Angels team as a full time staff member. To be honest it has been a little secret dream of mine for awhile.

I am a 6 yr survivor of tongue and throat cancer. Since I was diagnosed, it seems that all I ever talked about was cancer. I was driving the people around me crazy. I used to hear from them  “How can you talk about cancer all the time?” I would think to myself. “How could you not?” Every single person I know has been affected by this terrible disease. Whether it be a friend, a family member, a coworker. Its epic and people are not talking about it. Some people feel shame. Some people think  that if they don’t talk about it, it wont happen to them.  People don’t talk for a myriad of reasons. I talk to break down those reasons. Cancer is here and it sucks. No doubt about it, but if I can help even one person transition more easily through their battle, then I know that I have done my hearts work.

I have worked  at places where talking is a bad thing. At Imerman Angels. Talking is everything. I have always been a big girl, with a big personality and and extra big heart. It didn’t always work well in corporate America. I always knew, there had to be people like me out there. People who believed that if you followed your heart, good things would come from it. I have found that place at Imerman Angels. Where talking about cancer is not shameful. Where cancer equalizes out any social, political,economical, sexual, religious or ethnic backgrounds. I have always lived my life that way and now I can live that way, every day in the work that I do as the newest Connection Specialist at Imerman Angels.

Please feel freee to call me or email me anytime so that we can get acquainted. 1-877-274-5529

Jan 5


Memorial SloanJI’s biggest speech yet!  He flew to the big apple today to speak at the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, in New York to spread the word about 1-on-1 cancer support to the nurses, social workers and nurse practitioners.

Founded in 1884, the center sees hundreds of thousands of patients annually and makes a mark in their 23 story building dedicated to cutting edge research.  Read here about their December 2009 news.

MSKCC also has a great section within their website on topics related to “When Treatment Ends” with tips on moving forward and a listing of their services for survivors.  With monthly lectures and support groups, MSKCC offers wholistic support for the cancer community.

Our mission at IA: beginning January 1, 2013, every cancer fighter in the United States will have free access to a cancer survivor within 24 hours of being diagnosed.  Supporters like MSKCC, who are open to learning and spreading the word about 1-on-1 cancer support, aid us in connecting to the fighters and survivors who benefit most from our mission.

Nov 30

  Steve Green

Steve Green of GO Green Management rocking his IA tshirt and Movember ‘stache

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