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Mar 30

Bat for the Cure is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created to raise awareness about prostate cancer and to educate the public about prevention, detection and treatment. With early detection prostate cancer is 97% curable, but there is not enough awareness to encourage effective prevention. Fans for the Cure was created by Ed Randall, after he went into remission from prostate cancer at the age of 47, and later expanded into the baseball affiliate Bat for the Cure.

Ed is a radio and TV broadcaster for minor league baseball, as well as a cancer survivor. He has taken his cause to the minor league ballparks, with 2011 being his fifth consecutive season of prostate cancer advocacy nationwide. Since the beginning of Bat for the Cure, Ed’s team has been welcomed into more than 500 minor league ballparks.

In 2009 Bat for the Cure joined Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the ALS Foundation and Special Olympics as an Official Charitable Partner of Minor League Baseball. This campaign is the most expansive health care initiative in the history of the minor league.

Minor League Ballparks nationwide have awareness days where they rely on local volunteers to supervise information tables and pass out fliers to fans. The program is especially interested in finding prostate cancer survivors to volunteer in order to provide the best insight into the organization’s message.

Come out and support Bat for the Cure to help give a new meaning to the term “save” in baseball! For more information about the organization and to volunteer visit

Dec 10


logoIf you are living in Chicago, or the greater Chicagoland area, it doesn’t need to be said that it is nearly freezing outside.  With limitations on outdoor activity to provide leisure, fitness and relaxation,  Chicagoans need to look inward to find replacement activities.

Gilda’s Club Chicago, an organization tailored to men, women and children diagnosed with cancer and their familes and friends, sponsors indoor activites centered around wellness and relaxation.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Cooking and Music Relaxation are only a few of the free classes that they offer.  If you or your family are within the cancer community, this may be a great opportunity for you to unwind and fight the urge to hibernate.  Check out their calender for upcoming classes and workshops.