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Mar 1
Category: Think Positive!
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 4:53 pm

Justin BarthI’m 33 years old and I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in my lung and liver almost 2 years ago (my liver had 14 tumors.) I’ve undergone numerous surgeries and different kinds of treatments and have currently received chemo (3 days in a row every 21 days) for the last 9 months. I was always an active person. After I was diagnosed I tried to continue running and lifting weights as much as possible. For quite a while I was able to keep doing it through the treatments, but than about a year ago I couldn’t continue. I normally weighed about 185-195lbs and within a few months I had gotten down to 153lbs and had trouble walking even 4 city blocks. Than right before I started chemo I got so tired of sitting around that I thought “I don’t care how bad of shape I’m in, how badly I feel or how hard it is, I’m going to get up everyday and lift weights or run!” It was very difficult at the beginning knowing how much I used to weigh, how strong I used to be and how far I used to run but I did it! Everyday I either lifted weights or ran! Now, after enduring 9 months of chemo and counting I’ve still continued doing it and I feel great! I eat extremely healthy, lift weights or run everyday, have almost zero side effects from the chemo and I’m not even taking any medication (even for nausea!) Best of all, I started doing the strength training workouts that I used to do in college with a couple of my friends that played football for Arizona State University and I’m now back up to 191lbs at approximately 8% bodyfat and my strength has gone through the roof! I’m still undergoing chemo AND still manage to workout everyday! Even on the 3 days that I actually get chemo, I leave my doctors office and go straight to the gym and run! I’m still fighting cancer but everyday I get a little stronger and I run a little farther. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m gonna beat this, its just a question of when!