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Oct 6
Category: Imerman Supporters
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 6:52 pm


Amongst the IA network there are more than a few dedicated runners, including our Imerman Active team (participating in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!), but it may be safe to say that no one runs further for Imerman Angels than Adrian Belitu.

Adrian at Spartathalon

Adrian (LEFT) at the Spartathalon in September 2009

Founder of Benefits of Giving and The Endurance Club, Adrian is an ultra-distance runner who participates in races of over 100 miles all over the world.  His most recent event was the Spartathalon: an invitation-only, 135 mile run from Athens to Sparta that took 36 hours to complete.  Having lost both of his parents to cancer, Adrian decided to run in support of IA.

Dedicated to The Endurance Club motto “raise more than just a sweat”, Adrian has expanded his passion of running into a fundraising opportunity that had originally generated $5K for IA.  He will not stop there.  By creating Benefits of Giving, he plans to work alongside our goals of growth over the next few years by attempting to raise a million dollars to aid in our mission of connecting cancer fighters and survivors for 1-on-1 support.

Ultra-distance running, according to Adrian, is an individual challenge within a community event.  Runners speak to one another as they journey over mountains and push through hours of intense physical exertion while helping each other make it to the finish.  Similar to this, Adrian believes that athletes can benefit from collaborating towards a fundraising effort and making a big difference together.  His million dollar goal, with support of athletes around the country, will be possible.

Through Benefits of Giving, an athlete can turn any competition into an opportunity to improve the lives of people fighting cancer.  Not limited to distance runners, athletes across disciplines are able to identify an event to dedicate themselves to and, from there, a customized fundraising page can be created!  The site allows each participant to track the donations that they have received: friends and family can click “Donate to Me” and quickly submit money to the mission of their choice.

Dedicated competitors can take their game to the next level by enrolling in The Endurance Club, which will allow them to, through fundraising, collect “points” on the site that can then be applied towards entry fees for future events.  They say that good deeds are paid forward and The Endurance Club is proof of this!

Visit The Endurance club!


Visit Benefits of Giving!


Benefits of Giving

Oct 5
Category: Imerman Supporters
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 5:04 pm


Do you have two left feet for running, but want to know how you can contribute to our mission of 1-on-1 cancer support during Marathon Week?   Visit our First Giving page and sponsor members of our Imerman Active team who will be running in Sunday’s marathon!

Let your fingers do the running here!


The link above will lead you to a webpage dedicated to IA where you can choose from several IA runners who have already set up an online fundraising page.  To date: 132 people are raising money and 1,428 people have donated!

Another great donation?  Your voice!  Come clap your hands and cheer on our light blue jerseys as they cross the finish line.

Oct 4

To kick off Chicago Marathon Week, we caught up with Imerman Active teammate, Michael Wall, who not only runs for Imerman, but raises money as well.  He was kind enough to answer some of our questions!

Michael Wall
Imerman Active Teammate, Michael Wall

Q: Michael, how are you involved with Imerman Angels?

I am a member of the Imerman Active team, which is a group dedicated to individuals who participate in athletic events in support of Imerman Angels. Imerman Active participants work to raise money and increase awareness to benefit 1-on-1 cancer support through Imerman Angels.

Q: We feel very fortunate to have you on our Active Team.  What inspired you to run and fundraise for us?

My family and loved ones have been hit pretty hard by cancer, some of whom were able to beat it and others, unfortunately, who were not. Those experiences and losses have stuck with me. They are why I chose to get involved with Imerman and what have been the driving force behind my training.  The special characteristic of Imerman that has really made an impact on me  is their focus on the person. All charities and organizations focused on treating and curing cancer are amazing in their own special ways, but the tangibility of the Imerman Angels is what makes it so special to me.

Q:  How did you get involved in running?  How long have you been a runner?

I started running early in life (The 7th Grade) but I was never a “runner” so to speak. For most of my life, running was a part of offseason preparation for upcoming sport seasons. As I got older, and as my days as an athlete disappeared, I discovered that I had developed a real enjoyment for running and today it is just as much a part of my physical health as it is my mental health. I often joke that it’s my “drug” in that no matter what may be going on in my life I can always put on my headphones and just go. Running often helps me to put life situations into perspective and I often see things more clearly. There just always seems to be something that I experience, or see, or a thought that comes to mind while running that helps me to gain perspective. It’s something I truly value.

Q:  What are you looking forward to most about Sunday?

What I’m looking forward to most on Sunday is the experience. I’ve set a pretty lofty goal in that I’m trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which at this stage of my life will be a tough task. I’ve been really working hard to achieve that goal, but even if I come up short it will be the experience that I am looking forward to the most. Arguably the greatest distance runner of our nation’s history, Steve Prefontaine, once said that “the real purpose of running isn’t to win a race. It’s to test to the limits of the human heart.” I could not agree more!  It is why I run, it’s why I’ll be running on Sunday, and it’s why I’m running for the Imerman Angels.

Special thanks to Michael for his contribution and all that he does for IA!  We wish you the best of luck and will be at the marathon cheering you on!

Sep 25
Category: IA Benefits
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 4:24 pm


Raise money (and the roof ) with the Angels!

Imerman LogoLandmark Logo

Come out tomorrow to support Imerman Angels at the Landmark in Chicago for Bolf-a-Palooza!  As with all IA events, we can guarantee a good time for a good cause.  IA Business Manager, Rynell, will be speaking: come by and hear about the IA mission and cheer her on!

We are fundraising through event tickets at $40 each that will include: exclusive access to the venue, 20% food discount and three hours of open bar plus a fabulous silent auction.  Please buy your ticket today!

Buy your tickets online, here!

Sep 21


Bull and Bear Michael Wall, marathon runner and member of our IA Active Team, will be hosting a fundraiser at Bull & Bear in Chicago tonight to raise money for Imerman Angels!

The cost to attend is a $20 optional donation, which will include a cocktail reception and gift bag.

Good luck on the marathon, Michael!

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