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Mar 29
JonnyToday I met with Dr. Howard Kaufman, who 3 months ago moved from Columbia Presbyterian Cancer Center in NY and became the new Director of the Cancer Center at Rush U. Cancer Center – WHAT a GOOD GUY!!!!  Dr. Kaufman is much younger than I imagined, and I was very impressed as he showed me blueprints of his vision of the cancer center.  His vision is to make the cancer center much more cohesive – first by moving all the parts of the cancer center to the 10th floor.
What a great idea!!!
Those of you who know me well know that I LOVVVVVVVVVVE anything that brings people tighter together, that increases interpersonal contact, that increases collaboration, anything where more and more people work more closely together with a common goal:  make the cancer world a better place!!!
Dr. Kaufman’s vision with certainly keep the physician’s working more closely together, which is a big positive, but it also increases the likelihood that cancer fighters and survivors will be sitting near each other and just happen to start talking and become FRIENDS!! Isn’t that what Imerman Angels really is after all? It’s all about FRIENDSHIPS where a person helps another person – people who share a bond are simply helping each other – so that EVERY one of us can find their way to that finish line and win their lives back from cancer!!! That’s what it’s all about in my mind.
Hats off to Dr. Kaufman who I believe is off to a great start!!!
Dr. Kaufman gets it – and his first vision illustrates it clearly in my mind.
The closer we are to each other, the more we share with each other, the more we collaborate – the better off EVERYONE will be.  This is what the cancer world needs – I am certain of that!!!
I wish everyone well!!!!