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Dec 8
Category: Imerman Angels
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 6:32 pm


The economy is down, but you don’t need a checkbook this Christmas to give like Brangelina  ; Chase will do it for you.  Through their Community Giving event, Chase will donate between $25K and $1 million to the charity that recieves the most number of votes from the public.  Overall- $5 million will be distributed.

You can participate to this charity event at home by clicking on their facebook page  and vote five organizations of your choice.  Your opinion counts and can make a difference for other people, $1 million dollar’s worth to be exact!

Oct 15


We have had our blog up and running for over a month now!  Grassroots outreach is at the heart of our efforts at Imerman Angels and we hope that, as readers of our blog, you can help us to spread the word!  Below are ways that you as an individual can contribute to the success (and content) of the blog.

The purpose of the blog is to reach out to you: cancer fighters, survivors, supporters, caregivers and interested parties.  We want to know what you are interested in, what inspires you, and what is going on around you.

Through our blog:

  • Write us comments!  If something strikes your interest, let us know.  If you’d like to see more of a certain topic, share that as well.
  • Subscribe to our feed!  This is a good way to stay current with the latest blog posts.
  • Email us at  We are always looking for stories ideas, fighter/survivor stories and pictures of you around the globe doing what you love to do the most in your Imerman Angels t-shirts.
  • Be a guest blogger.  Do you have a good story to tell about the way cancer has touched your life?  Have you attended an event recently that inspired you?  Let us know!

Through your blog:

  • Link to us!  We would love to connect with other like-minded blogs.
  • Repost an article that you like.

Though Facebook:

  • Join and IA group or fan page to keep on top of the latest news in the organization.
  • Repost us to your wall when you like something that you read.
  • Add us as a favorite website (in the “About me” section).

Through Twitter:

  • Tweet about us!
  • Link to the Imerman Angels twitter site, that will soon be featuring blog posts.

Through LinkedIn:

  • Join the Imerman Angels group page.
  • List us under websites (at the bottom of the page).

Have some better ideas?  We are always looking for new opinions.  Tell us how to improve our blog!