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Oct 29

Stay Classy has named Michelle (see below) as a finalist in the individual fundraising category in Chicago and….she MADE IT to the national round and it’s ALL DOWN TO VOTES.  Right now, she’s in third place to win $10K to help offset Lauren’s medical bills and we’d LOVE your support in getting the word out. She is in the “Best Individual Fundraiser” category, “Running 26 Miles To Help LC Beat Cancer.”  If you would be so kind to vote and post for others – it literally takes five seconds to vote and would mean the world to us!

I’m running the Chicago Marathon in honor of Lauren Cohen’s road to recovery!

-Michelle Martin

In December, my work colleague and friend, Lauren, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. To support her, I am training to run this year’s Chicago Marathon in her name. More importantly, in order to help Lauren be able to focus on kicking cancer and getting better, I am raising funds to help support her medical bills for her treatment and recovery.

Lauren is someone I am so happy to have the chance to work and be friends with at Weber Shandwick. As our own little Tinkerbell, she is a force to be reckoned with because of her amazing attitude and strength, I am wishing her all the best in her recovery!

Oct 22

LTS Chicago FFCC

Want to put Urlacher to shame while supporting a good cause?

LTS (Live to Support) Chicago is holding their first annual Flag Football Charity Classic on November 21st. Coed teams of 12-20 can register (early bird $375 or $425 after Nov. 7th). The winning team will earn $500 to be donated to any charity they want (Imerman Angels!), as well as $1000 for the charity they represent through the competition (east/west side).

All the info can be found through this link.  Get ready to rumble!

Aug 16

I don’t know about you, but I felt like all of the crazy, zaney, hilarious misadventures of my life came to a screeching STOP! when I was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than waking up after a night of hard partying to find a cold, half-eaten slice of pizza in my purse (true story), I was spending my days engaged in deep soul-searching sessions and hour-long conversations about the meaning of life with everyone from my doctor to my cousin to the person in the stall next to me in the ladies’ room. At night, I logged some serious hours researching doctors, hospitals, and my type of cancer. I listened to endless hours of Musak while hold with the insurance company, took lots of naps, and just generally worried about the future. Clearly, this was not how I envisioned life at 26.


Looking back on it, there were entire months after my diagnosis where I didn’t laugh once. Not once! (Ok, so maybe I chuckled at some lame joke while watching Everybody Loves Raymond in the hospital waiting room, but that was more of a pity laugh than a true guffaw).


Of course, cancer takes a while to process—and rightfully so. But the one thing I needed most after all that processing was something to distract me from cancer and allow me to be a goofy twenty-something again. I’ve noticed that I, as well as most of my peers, deal with the ups and downs of life by enlisting a little humor or sarcasm. It doesn’t mean that we’re the jaded, misguided, “me” generation that the media claims we are – it’s just our way of coping.


Surely, I thought, my fellow young adult cancer survivors would be out there laughing in cancer’s face, right? (After all, we can’t expect grandpa to be crackin’ jokes about how testicular cancer has turned him into the Uni-Baller, or a five year-old to come up with a more original line than, “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”). As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Of the many cancer websites, discussion boards, and books I’d read, only one tried to incorporate humor. Other websites on laugh therapy seemed like they were written by our parents, or copied out of those joke books you buy at the check-out line of grocery stores.


So, I started collecting some funny tidbits here and there. I want to share those with you now, in the hopes that someone out there will see them and break that awkward, depressing waiting room silence with a good chuckle, or at least find some pleasant distraction from the heaviness of it all–even if it’s just for a few minutes. After all, if cancer has taught me anything, it’s that every minute counts. So why not spend ‘em laughing?


Below are some links to what I found. If you have any others, please share them, too.

Fainting Goats

The Half-Million Dollar Shot

Emoticon War: SuperNews!

Gladys on the Ellen Show

Awkward Family Photos: Curly

Awkward Family Photos: Anything for the Shot

Dramatic Chipmunk

Baby Beyonce

Contributed by, survivor, Amanda Pope.

Jul 8
Category: Imerman Angels
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 3:48 pm

imermanGQ asked you to nominate a man who strives every day for the betterment of society through charitable work, volunteerism, and community involvement. You answered the call with truly inspiring stories.”

Our own Jonny was nominated in the GQ Better Men Better World Search.  If you’ve met JI, you would know that there is no other guy like him: he genuinely cares about every individual that he meets and dedicates his life towards building a community that ensures that no one in the world will fight cancer alone.  Traveling all over the country to speak to schools, hospitals, advocacy groups and fighter/survivors, he is tireless in his efforts.

Whether or not you win, Jonny, you are the Better Man to us!

Check out this link to learn more.

Jul 1

angelOur friends at Give Forward, an organization that provides free personal fundraising pages, have challenged us to the competition of a lifetime in the only arena that could hold us.  Our interns will face off to their interns in a burrito eating battle: The 1st Annual Intern Chipotle Chow-down Challenge.

Ethan Austin (our IA banana man) and Jonny Imerman (just call him the Charlie for our angels in this battle) will put it on the line, bringing 3 interns each for a 45 minute eat down.  Word has it that Ethan may commit to sporting the banana suit for a week if he (when he) admits defeat.  Stay tuned for more details!  Read their side of the battle for fair representation!

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