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Jun 28
Camp_Store_020Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. (COSI) believes that a diagnosis of cancer should not prevent a child from experiencing the simple joys of childhood.

Through the One Step At A Time programs, COSI offers camp experiences and other educational and excursion programs throughout the year that allow children with cancer to just be kids. Our programs offer fun, friendship and support in a safe and nurturing environment.

Check out the camp schedule for this year!

Program Calendar

  • Summer Camp – Dates: June 19-26 + June 26-July 3
  • Sibling Camp – Dates: August 5-8
  • Whitewater Rafting and Outdoor Adventure – Dates: July 31-August 7
  • Family Camp – TBD
  • Brain Tumor Family Camp – Dates: September 3-6
  • Dude Ranch – Dates: September 20-25
  • Winter Camp – Dates: December 27-31

Jun 25

Angel AmbassadorDetroit’s Comedy All-Stars Brett Kline, Nate Fridson, Ben Konstantin and Jeff Dwoskin are coming together to bring you a stellar night of comedy!

We are happy to announce “Big Al” from WOMC’s Dick Purtan and Purtan’s People show will be our celebrity MC!!!

Proceeds benefit IA!

When? Tuesday, June 29, 2010 @ 8pm
Where? Joey’s Livonia (
How Much? $15/ticket

25% off meal @ Kicker’s before the show with reservations
1/2 off pizza during the show.

Advance Sales – How to get your tixs:
We are doing advance ticket sales – email with the amount of tickets you would like to reserve. You will receive an email back with an address to send your check and you will be mailed tickets for the event!

Enjoy an evening benefitting IA in my hometown!

Jun 23
Category: Everything Cancer
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Written By: Imerman Angels @ 4:12 pm


I found a website that sells scandalous tshirts about cancer!  “Remember to squeeze your tomatos“, “I’ve got cancer by the balls” and even shirts to show support for your friends.

Did you pin cancer to the mat? There are shirts that say that too!
IA believes that it is okay to talk about cancer.  How we see it: there is a huge network of cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers all over the country- many of whom are our staff, volunteers and friends- who can share and support each other in the fight and life after cancer.   Want to tell cancer just how you feel?  Maybe there is a shirt here to do the trick!  (Warning: some contain offensive language).

Jun 14

yes1Read about The YES Liver Cancer Symposium on the First Descents blog!

May 24

BoratThere’s a huge and powerful difference between positive thinking and taking positive action. My mentor and teacher pointed out the distinction with the following notion: some people will sit in their room, creating positive images and affirmations about wanting a new car. However, they never leave their room. If you sit in your room and create all those positive images about the new car, about the only way it can show up is to come crashing through the walls.

If you want the positive improvement, or in this case the new car, you may have to do a whole heck of a lot more than sit around and think positive thoughts about it showing up. As my mentor would say, you may have to get up off your duff and do something about it. You know, like get actively involved.

The self-empowerment game is one of those “get actively involved games.” However, while there are any number of things I might be able to do to improve my lot in life, many will require cooperation or support from others.

So, how do you generate the kind of cooperation or support that may be necessary to bring about meaningful change in your own set of circumstances?

Read the rest of the article in the Huffington Post and get empowered!

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