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Oct 23


Brain cancer.  To most people, these two simple words in combination register only as an abstract extreme left to the medical brainiacs (no pun intended) and nobel prize winners of the world to ponder upon and search to cure.  For Lee McPherson, fighter and Survivor Angel, brain cancer is a very real part of his life that he faces every day.

Captured in his blog Lee walks his audience through his November ’07  diagnosis with glioblastoma multiforme, grade IV brain cancer, and subsequent journey.  Through sharp witted humor and effective writing, he is able to answer the question that many wonder:  “What would it be like to have brain cancer?”

Pre-Op MRI

This is Lee’s brain at diagnosis.  You can see that he has a large tumor covering a quarter of the image.  Some early indicators of the disease were headaches, confusion and communication issues. 

July 28, 2009

 July ’09,  his scan shows some burns from radiation, but an absence of the tumor.

His wife, Dana, shares her perspective, fears and challenges with respect to Lee’s journey as his “rock” and caregiver, adding more color to Lee’s journey.

Brain cancer is a tough competitor, but it can be fought- Lee has the pictures to prove it.