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Mar 4
Category: Pair Up Stories
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This week, a very interesting couple from California contacted the office.

The couple was a classic victim of the dwindling economy. Two college educated individuals, both lost their jobs and in turn, fell behind in their mortgage payments and found themselves homeless.  One day, while getting food at the local soup kitchen, there just happened to be a medical van outside. The woman was suffering a bit of what she thought was sciatia pain. They stopped at the medical van and found out (after a lot of tests) that she had advanced cervical and ovarian cancer.  Immediately, fear set in. How were they going to get help?  They were jobless and homeless.  Luckily, Kaiser Permanente Hospital agreed to treat them pro-bono given their situation. A person who deals with homelessness situations found a way to get them put up, for a few weeks in a local motel. Another individual stepped up and paid for a few more but their time, at the hotel, is coming to an end soon.

This woman is facing 5 weeks of radiation followed by chemo, with no sign of  housing in their near future. The amazing thing is that they are not bitter or angry at all. They continue to keep their sense of humor by finding humor in almost every situation that they encounter. They thank the homelessness  for finding the cancer. They truly believe, that if they did not end up on the street, they would have never discovered the cancer.

Imerman Angels was able to connect them to an amazing survivor who underwent a similar cancer story. We also referred them to many other resources through our cancer partner organizations, as well as personal connections that Jonny has in California.

This is an amazing example of true grit and determination and the will to live. A testimonial to the great gifts of the universe and seeing the world through rose colored glasses. Life is a beautiful gift, no matter how that gift is wrapped whether it be in fancy, shiny foil wrapping or a plain paper bag.

Imerman Angels
Connection Specialist