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Feb 3

Who are cancer caregivers?

  • 82 percent are female
  • 71 percent are married
  • 61 percent have been providing care for less than six months
  • 54 percent live with the patient for whom they are caring
  • 47 percent are more than 50 years old
  • 36 percent reported caregiving took more than 40 hours of time per week

If you have stood beside a friend, family, coworker, loved one, neighbor, or anyone that needed your support while fighting cancer, you are a Cancer Caregiver.  IA connects not only cancer fighters and survivors in 1-on-1 support relationships, but we also connect the caregivers that help them through the fight to share stories, support and care to each other.  Have a unique story to share?  You can impact another caregivers cancer experience by sharing.

Register as a Caregiver Mentor Angel

Apr 5

IA-_Logo_1-on-1_BLK_FINAL2Earlier last week, I was excited that a Fallopian Tube cancer survivor had registered with Imerman Angels. Cheryl was a delightful soul and she shared her whole story with me. Like always, I took her information, entered her into the system and let her know that she might not hear from us for awhile because we don’t get many fallopian tube fighters that register with us. I reassured her that we had her info and we were proud and honored to have her join our team of survivors.

Later that day, to everyone’s surprise, Sarah, a Fallopian Tube cancer support seeker register with us. I was floored and called Cheryl right away and left her a message – that she was about to become an angel. Cheryl called me the next day. She said that she got chills when she heard my message. Not only because of the speed at which we contacted her but because that day but she also received an email from another family of a fallopian tube cancer fighter that had lost her battle. She immediately knew that it was her friends’ spirit that drew her to call us when she did. She had Imerman  Angels phone number for over 6 months and had done nothing with it. The morning she registered she had an overwhelming urge to call.

Upon further conversation, and to make this story more amazing. Sarah was a nurse and so was Cheryl. Sarah was 54 years old and Cheryl was 54 when she was diagnosed. Like we have mentioned in blog posts before, this is a prime example of cancer karma and that there are NO coincidences in life, or at the Imerman Angel office.

*Please Note: We have changed names for privacy.

Mar 24

Banana Man

Our IA Banana-Man, Ethan Austin, repping 1-on-1 cancer support with Illlinois Governor, Pat Quinn.

Mar 8
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This Russell Crowe look-alike was happy to show support for IA, gratis, at the Roman Colosseum.  Picture courtesy of me!


Feb 17

SPRING FLINGPurchase your tickets for the Imerman Angels SPRING FLING.


What: Learn about Imerman Angels, show love to IA, meet new friends, have drinks, have appetizers, relax, mingle with other good people, support 1-on-1 cancer pairing, meet Jonny Imerman, learn how you can get involved, have a reason to get dressed up!

Why: 100% of the proceeds benefit Imerman Angels, helping us to connect cancer fighters and survivors all over the world in 1-on-1 support relationships.

When/Where: March 18th from 7-11pm at Enclave (222 w. Chicago, Chicago, IL).

Cost: A $30 pre-sale ticket will grant you two drinks and appetizers.   The online pre-sale has begun, get your tickets before they sell out, which they will!

Buy your tickets here!

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