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Jan 5


Memorial SloanJI’s biggest speech yet!  He flew to the big apple today to speak at the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, in New York to spread the word about 1-on-1 cancer support to the nurses, social workers and nurse practitioners.

Founded in 1884, the center sees hundreds of thousands of patients annually and makes a mark in their 23 story building dedicated to cutting edge research.  Read here about their December 2009 news.

MSKCC also has a great section within their website on topics related to “When Treatment Ends” with tips on moving forward and a listing of their services for survivors.  With monthly lectures and support groups, MSKCC offers wholistic support for the cancer community.

Our mission at IA: beginning January 1, 2013, every cancer fighter in the United States will have free access to a cancer survivor within 24 hours of being diagnosed.  Supporters like MSKCC, who are open to learning and spreading the word about 1-on-1 cancer support, aid us in connecting to the fighters and survivors who benefit most from our mission.