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Jun 10

binary_heart7 Things I’ve Learned From Having Cancer

by Glamour columnist Erin Zammett Ruddy.

You can’t beat yourself up over stuff you can’t control

“I’m not saying I never felt sorry for myself, but once you accept that you’ve been dealt a bad hand, whatever that may be, you can focus on playing it the best way you can.”

Obsessing about your body is a giant waste of time

“It took a serious dose of life-is-short reality to start living a little more. So here’s a wake-up call from me to you: indulge. Quit worrying about the jiggle. Get out there and start carpe-ing the diem! You shouldn’t need a life-threatening event to do this stuff.”

Helping others really does help you

“Sure, my life revolves around cancer, but it’s cancer on my terms. It’s about my charity work and other patients and survivors I’ve met who’ve enriched my life in ways I didn’t even know it needed enriching.”

It’s OK to sweat the small stuff

“Sure, it would be great if we could all roam the earth with a Zen-like peace about us. But that’s just not realistic for me. Besides, sweating the small stuff every once in a while keeps us from sweating the big stuff, the stuff we can’t always control.”

Don’t keep it to yourself

“What I’ve learned: People want to listen and help; they just need a green light.”

Smile at the grouchy Starbucks barista

“I generally try to be kind; even a little friendliness can matter when you’re down and out. Some days, if a stranger simply holds the elevator for me, I feel just a bit better about my situation.”

The most important thing in life is family

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