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Nov 19

Noelle Freeland (pictured), Ann Bjerke, Michelle Ryczek and Rynell Cook (IA Connections Manager) spent last week at Arenal and in Tamarindo, Costa Rica! While they weren’t horseback riding, swimming in tropical waterfalls, zip-lining, surfing, eating star fruit and passion fruit – they were talking about Imerman Angels and spreading the mission!

Aug 5

Feb 18

IA1We made a pretty remarkable connection yesterday!

Not only did “Jane” call us from California fighting DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) breast cancer but she was also a liver transplant recipient (unrelated to cancer). She registered with IA hoping to meet another breast cancer survivor and thought that it would be a long-shot to have the opportunity to meet another BC survivor who also had some sort of organ transplant prior to cancer. After I had a great conversation with Jane, we looked in our network of nearly 2,500 ”Mentor Angels” and found her the perfect match. We introduced Jane to another woman living here in Illinois who not only survived DCIS breast cancer but she’s also a triple organ transplant recipient! Yes, triple! Before her diagnosis, she had a liver, heart and kidney transplant! This woman has an amazing testimonial to say the least. To top it off, the survivor’s name also happens to be “Jane!”

*Names have been changed for privacy.

Feb 7
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Check Rynell Cook, on the NCCS Cancerversary Blog!  Rynell is a Connection Specialist at Imerman Angels and is also a cancer survivor.  Way to go, girl!

Read Rynell’s story!

Jan 14
IANow that we have three fulltime staff (Rynell, Laura and Lisa: “Jonny’s Angels”) focusing on pair-ups and registering new mentor angels, we’ve been getting a lot done around here! It’s been another busy week. Please take a few minutes to read about this amazing connection that we made today.
Thanks to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a sweet 77 year old woman, living in Texas reached out for 1on1 support. She’s currently battling stage II papillary thyroid cancer and mentioned that she’s still in disbelief from her cancer diagnosis. The thyroid cancer has also effected her vocal cords therefore she has a very scratchy and raspy voice. She plans to start the radioactive iodine in the upcoming weeks. We found the perfect mentor angel for her: a local Chicagoan who survived stage III papillary thyroid cancer. She’s 61 years young and incredibly full of life. Her vocal cords were also effected during her battle with the papillary. I know that these two women will not only share their cancer experience and stories but will hopefully become lifelong friends. Texas to Illinois!
Have a great weekend!

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