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Mar 25

charlene and scottCharlene McMann and Scott Seaman are champions in the fight against cancer. Scott, an 11-year survivor of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, credits his wife (caregiver and advocate) Charlene for his beating cancer. Together, the couple embarked upon a mission of curing cancer by helping to raise millions of dollars for cancer research, helping people directly through education and patient advocacy, raising public awareness through event organizing and media appearances, forging partnerships with companies, patients, and health care providers, and engaging in public policy advocacy.

After co-founding the Chicago chapter of a national blood cancer organization, spearheading a 5K walk/run that is now held annually in more than 16 cites across the country, they wrote the book that they wish was available to them when their battle began.  Charlene received a Jefferson Award for Public Service (the Nobel Prize for community and public service) for her cancer fundraising, education, and advocacy.

Charlene and Scott wrote the book that they wish was available to them (“Battling and Beating Cancer”) when they began battling cancer.  Part I of their recently released book “Battling and Beating Cancer – The Cancer Survival Book” takes you along with the authors from diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, follow-up treatments and testing, and provides the insights, fears, and triumphs of a cancer survivor and caregiver. Scott and Charlene´s story of survivorship demystifies the experience and enlightens readers in a very humanistic and unique way.
Part 2 is focused on you – the steps and approach you should consider taking to survive cancer. It covers: (1) the basics about cancer; (2) selecting the best doctors and treatment centers available to you; (3) obtaining a prompt and proper diagnosis;(4) understanding medical tests and diagnostic tools; (5) surviving your hospital stay;(6)an overview of conventional treatments, revolutionary treatments, and clinical trials; (7)understanding survival rates and making appropriate adjustments; (8) developing a “cancer warrior” mentality; (9)taking advantage of complementary therapies and a healthy lifestyle to help you beat the disease; (10) the role of the immune system in beating cancer; (11) the authors´ view that blood cancer research is the superhighway to curing cancer; and (12) the authors´ national call to action to cure cancer.

The book also contains useful resources for patients and caregivers, including:  a detailed listing of questions to ask your doctors at each critical phase; some tips doctors may forget to tell you; a checklist of legal and insurance documents; and a listing of organizations, websites, and resources available to help you get the support and information you need about your type of cancer and the treatments and clinical trials available to you. It also includes a patient´s medical information workbook to help you record relevant information. This is an important resource for cancer survivors and cancer fighters alike.  You can obtain the book at,,, or  Proceeds go to cancer research and education.

The couple’s mission to help people impacted by cancer is multifold.  Their new internet radio show “Battling and Beating Cancer” will debut on March 9 at 8:00 p.m. central time.  This dynamic show will be devoted to battling and beating cancer of all types, with a particular emphasis on lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma (blood cancer).  Charlene and Scott will welcome guests including doctors, survivors, patients, caregivers, and individuals on the front lines in the war against cancer.  They will tackle the medical aspects of cancer (symptoms, treatments, etc.) the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of cancer, lifestyle issues, and legal and social aspects of cancer.   Imerman Angel founder Jonny Imerman will be a guest in an upcoming episode.   You can follow the show at

Charlene and Scott and another prominent Chicago couple recently founded Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation and look forward to partnering with Imerman Angels.  “Jonny and his angels do wonderful work and we will refer cancer survivors and fighters to Imerman Angels,” says Charlene.  “We will be funding research for lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma at the great Chicago area institutions – maximizing impact through minimizing organizational cost baggage and funding high impact, cutting edge research with world class doctors and institutions.  People with cancer need someone to turn to and there is no point in our attempting to take on a function that Imerman Angels already does so well” added Scott.  Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation will participate in a Bike ride in September and will blog on that event in upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, pick up a copy of “Battling and Beating Cancer – The Cancer Survival Book” and listen to their radio show.