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Nov 9


balls for brunchBalls for Brunch was a great event!! Students at the Chicago Institute of Design had a social gathering on Sunday for the Bears game, where they served meatballs and helped spread the word about testicular cancer!! I was able to speak, along with fellow testicular cancer survivor, Rick Miller, to make sure all the students understand that TESTICULAR CANCER IS THE #1 MOST COMMON CANCER FOR YOUNG MEN!!! That’s right, most cases are 15-35 years old for young men!! I answered some great questions from the crowd, and one student’s mother is just finishing treatments for cancer and her son said she would call our office for help this week!! Wooo-hooo!!!! Grassroots and educating about cancer – thank you to CID for including us!!!

- Jonny

Nov 2


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Jonny headed to Loyola Academy in Wilmette, IL to speak with 500+ male seniors about men’s health, specifically: testicular cancer.  As a survivor himself, Jonny travels and educates young men on the disease, including screening and prevention tips.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 18 to 34.  Fortunately, it is also one of the most easily cured.  According to health resources, it starts as a small pea-sized lump within the testicle, which may not be noticed unless self-examinations are routinely performed.  Pay attention to your body and consult your doctor for further information.

Oct 22


ESPN Sports

ESPN radio interviewed Jonny Imerman, founder of Imerman Angels, who shared his person cancer story and his mission of connecting fighters and surivors in 1-on-1 relationships.



JI was just like any other healthy, active guy in his 20′s when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Though he could relate to the public story of fighter Lance Armstrong, he found that he craved a connection with someone who he could interact with closely.  Someone who had been there as well.

With the support of his family and friends, he fought cancer through a relapse and, in the process, realized the need for increased awareness of the disease and personalized support through 1-on-1 relationships.  His mission with Imerman Angels soon followed. 

Curious about testicular cancer, self-screening, or Jonny’s journey?  This quick webcast covers these topics and more.

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