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Jan 15
Category: Think Positive!
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Written By: Jonny Imerman @ 4:43 pm

JONNY TEAMHow do I stay positive? I am inspired everyday by meeting amazing cancer survivors who have overcome SO MUCH and are SO PASSIONATE about giving their stories back to help someone else in the fight!!  When I meet a 24 year-old girl in Seattle who tells me that she beat Burkitt’s non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in a her freshman year in college, muscled through it, graduated from college, and now in nursing school and excited to give back as an oncology nurse (and an Imerman Angel!) – I GET PUMMMMMPED UP!!!!!  WOW!!! And then our staff and our amazing volunteers who care SO MUCH about changing the cancer world!! I am LUCKY to get to work alongside such crusaders!!!! The STRENGTH is in the team – and this team gets me FIRED-UP EVERYDAY!!!!

At the end of everyday, I walk out of my office with a big smile, knowing that our organization matched-up 10 or 12 people that day, and changed their attitudes and lives, and… I just can’t have a bad day!! I think it’s important for all of us to remember that helping people, in the simplest form, can and will give each of us so much joy, after all, what other reason would we be on this earth if it is isn’t to help each other overcome obstacles and keep well?!!!!!  The people around me and the service we provide are a KEY source of my happiness and attitude, and agin I am LUCKY to play on this team of angels!!!!!! Good health and wellness to each of you!!!