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Nov 18


Jonny packed up for Austin, TX to attend the 3rd annual LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance conference.  The event was attended by our friends in the cancer community: a collective of non-profits, hospitals and cancer centers who joined together to discuss topics related to advocating on behalf of young adults (a patient population who is often forgotten, living in between pediatrics and older patients) and improving survival.  According to LIVESTRONG:  “The Alliance is a group of organizations brought together that serve people with cancer ages 15-40 and are filling a drastic void in cancer care and support.”



A few words from Jonny:

“The Alliance this year had over 120 organizations, each that help young adults with cancer!!! It was AMAZING to see the PASSION in the room – many survivors and caregivers, and how we ALL want to unify to improve the cancer support world!!! The atmosphere was one of friendship, collaboration, and ACTION!!!  IA is now working with every single group there!! LiveSTRONG does a fantastic job of bringing us all together and helping us find synergies!!!”15931_177784778910_570563910_2797142_4964876_n

Thanks to Jack Bouffard and Tracy Maxwell for allowing me to publish their photos!