Help Spread the Word about Imerman Angels

Below are simple & easy ways for YOU to help spread our mission and promote our events. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to update your Facebook status, tweet about the event you’re attending or to share relevant news with your friends. Check out these tips & recommendations on what you can do to make a difference.


Facebook with Twitter-like capabilities!
Did you know that on Facebook you can reference and link to your friends, groups and business pages just like Twitter? Insert @ImermanAngels whenever you want to make mention. This will create a link that people will then be able to click & link directly to that person/group/business’ page.

Update your Facebook status
Your casual mention about Imerman Angels goes a tremendously long way! Approximately 30% of our existing network of cancer survivors and fighters learn about Imerman Angels via social media—your status update could make a difference to someone right now!
When you think about it, try to update your status with some of these pre-written status updates:

@ImermanAngels provides 1 on 1 cancer support—if you know a cancer fighter, survivor, or caregiver send them to!

I just made a difference—you can too! Refer cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers to @ImermanAngels and have them register for 1–on–1 cancer support at

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Attend the next @ImermanAngels event and help spread awareness about 1–on–1 cancer support, go to

When updating your status, you can easily insert the link to the event page on the Imerman Angels website.

Invite your friends to the next Imerman Angels event.
Invite your friends by visiting the event page and clicking on “Invite People to Come.” Or “Share” the event by sending a message to your friends or posting the event to your wall.


Use the pre-written tweets to communicate about Imerman Angels

Join me in helping raise awareness about @ImermanAngels—make sure no one has to fight cancer alone!

Refer your friends or family members touched by cancer—@ImermanAngels 1–on–1 cancer support

I’m attending the upcoming @ImermanAngels event to spread awareness about 1–on–1 cancer support


Forward event information to your friends & family
This is simple enough—just send a message to tell your friends & family about an upcoming Imerman Angels event, race, or volunteer opportunity. Have them forward the email to their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Imerman Angels 1–on–1 cancer support—connecting cancer fights, survivors and caregivers. The service Imerman Angels provides is absolutely free and connects anyone touched by any type of cancer, any age, any stage level, living anywhere in the world in order to build relationships to help fight cancer together.