Jonny Imerman

Jonny Imerman is the founder of Imerman Angels. While fighting cancer at 26 years old, Jonny had loving support from family and friends, but never met anyone his age who was a cancer survivor. He wanted to talk to someone just like him, someone who truly understood and remembered – someone who had already faced the same type of cancer.

Today, Imerman Angels provides that gift for cancer fighters. Imerman Angels introduces each cancer fighter to one survivor who is the same age, same gender, and someone who has already faced that particular type of cancer. A cancer survivor would be an angel – walking, talking, living proof to inspire the fighter that he/she can overcome their cancer. This was the beginning of Jonny’s vision. In 2003, Imerman Angels was founded.

John May

John May

John May co-founded Imerman Angels with Jonny Imerman and has been Chairman of the Board since its inception.  Inspired to make sure no one faces cancer alone, John’s primary role is developing Imerman Angel’s strategic plan while making sure its program and operations support its mission on a daily basis.  John also serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Group Dekko, a portfolio company of The Blackstone Group (NYSE – BX).   Group Dekko is the leading provider of workplace LED lighting, power delivery solutions and engineered electrical components and assemblies for a variety of end markets.  Group Dekko employs 1,500 people across 10 locations in the U.S. and Mexico.

Prior to that he was CEO of Heat Transfer Products Group, the 2nd largest commercial refrigeration products manufacturer in North America. He was also President & CEO of Aluminum Shapes and Delair Group LLC, a $450+ million leading aluminum products manufacturer and President of Kidron, Inc.; the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty refrigerated vehicles.   John attended East Carolina University and received a Bachelor of Business Administration with honors.  He also serves on nonprofit boards and is an active investor in other business ventures.