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Race Weekend Overview:

  • MUST ATTEND: Abbott Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10. All Team IA athletes must attend to pick up their race packet/bib. Please also stop by the Team IA booth (Aisle 9 – Booth 912) for your runner gift including the 2015 Team IA – Chicago Marathon shirt.
  • Team Imerman Angels Pasta Celebration on Saturday, October 10 at the Congress Plaza Hotel from 5 pm to 7 pm. RSVP by clicking HERE.
  • Team Imerman Angles halo Hospitality: Your Race Day VIP Hospitality on Sunday, October 11 with team members arriving at 5:30 am. And your friends and family are also invited to join you there after 9:30 am. It’s free for you and free for them!

Race Weekend Resources – Don’t Miss These:

The following resources are your “two-stop shop” for all you need for the Chicago Marathon Race Week. Please take a few minutes to review each document to save yourself time this weekend (click below):

(1) Team Imerman Angels: 2015 Race Weekend Information Packet

(2) Bank of America Chicago Marathon Participant Guide


The impact that each of you make for those impacted by cancer is amazing and appreciated.  Your fundraising creates much needed funding for Imerman Angels to be able to provide 1-on-1 cancer support to cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers – all at no cost to the individual seeking it.  Individuals are encouraged to set a fundraising goal that exceeds the fundraising minimum that each Team IA participant agreed to when they joined Team IA. See below for two fundraising resources:

As we move into some longer runs, this is a great time to get really focus in on your fundraising minimum and goal. If you are just starting with your fundraising, no problem.  Take a look at the Fundraising Guide and develop your strategy which will only take a few minutes.  Next, log in to your fundraising page (everyone created one when you joined the team) and personalize your page – plan to spend 20 minutes or so and you will have a great page (you can edit it at any time).  If you still need to personalize your page, you can access your page by logging into the Team IA Chicago Marathon Donor Drive page by clicking HERE. Use the email address that you used in registering for Team IA (if you cannot recall your password, there is a recovery prompt). The fundraising minimum must be reached by October 1 – now is a great time to reach it!

If you are well into your fundraising and, perhaps, have reached your minimum or goal, don’t be afraid to raise the goal – every dollar your raise will have an immediate and tangible effect on those impacted by cancer. And every dollar is very much appreciated – you are making an enormous difference.


The best fundraising incentive that can be offered is simply this:  every time you raise $350, there is a cancer fighter or a caregiver to a cancer fighter that will be connected to a Mentor Angel.  You make a huge difference in the lives of those impacted by cancer as do each of your donors. When you reach the finish line of the Chicago Marathon or the end of a training run, you can know that because of what you did or are doing – five, six . . . ten or more cancer fighters and caregivers are getting the help that they need at the time they need it most.

That said, we are happy to provide incentive prizes as a sort of “thank you” to each of you for all you are doing. Here they are:

  • Meet Your Minimum. We all agreed to reach our minimum by October 1 and when you do, you will receive your appreciation gift at the Chicago Marathon Race Weekend which includes an awesome 2015 Chicago Marathon – Team Imerman Angels commemorative soft cotton, gender specific t-shirt (our graphics team is cooking up this years design to be unveiled in mid-August), a Chicago Marathon – Team IA commemorative winter run cap and a surprise gift or two.
  • Raise $2500. Each team member who raise $2500 will have made it possible for seven (!) cancer fighters and/or caregivers to be matched with a Mentor Angel. And we want to recognize that great gift you are providing with a cozy Team Imerman Angels hoodie – you can wear this all year long and help raise awareness as well.
  • Raise $5000. Yep, doing the same math as above means that anyone who reaches this level will have matched fourteen (!!) cancer fighters and/or caregivers to a Mentor Angel.  You’ll receive the ultimate Team Imerman Angels gym bag for all your workouts.
  • Raise $10,000. If you pass the $5000 level and can reach $10,000, you can pick either a GPS or a GoPro. We’ll order it and send along to you so you can record your runs on your wrist or film them from your Go Pro.

And, all prizes are cumulative meaning that you are able to claim your incentive at each level.


Two options: Chicago Endurance Sports and Nike Bank of America Chicago Marathon Training Plan

Team Imerman Angels provided all team members with complimentary training through Chicago Enurance Sports (see below). If you registered for either the “on the ground” training in six Chicago locations or the virtual program, please refer to your specific training plans.  If you did not register for CES Training, please see the Nike Bank of America Chicago Training Program below – this free program will provide you with a week by week program based on your level to get you to the start line (and finish line).



All Team Imerman Angels participants in the Chicago Marathon receive complimentary training through Chicago Endurance Sports.  CES provides the following:

  • coached group training led by professional coaches
  • personalized, daily training schedules via a free TrainingPeaks account
  • performance Nike running singlet
  • running and run/walk pacing options led by experienced pacers
  • weekly newsletter
  • weekly Q & A with coaches at all workout sessions

Click HERE for the CES Marathon information page.

Locations: if you are registered for CES, you may select any of these locations at any time:

Chicago: Old Town (meets every Saturday (long run) and Wednesday)

Chicago: South Loop (meets every Saturday (long run) and Tuesday)

Chicago: Lincoln Square (meets every Sunday (long run) and Thursday)

Oak Park: (meets every Saturday (long run) and Wednesday)

Elmhurst: (meets every Saturday (long run) and Tuesday)


Nike Training



The Nike Bank of America Chicago Marathon Training Plan is designed by expert coaches to help you meet your goals whether it is to complete your first marathon or record a personal best.  This training plan is free – click the logo above or HERE to access it.