“I just want to thank Imerman Angels from the bottom of my heart. I spoke to Teresa a little while ago. What an inspiration! She is so awesome! She gave me so much to think about. This is not a death sentence! I am stronger than this – I will win! I will make this a positive experience.”
Teri S., Breast Cancer Fighter
“I have contacted and heard from both Andy and Amy. They have been so helpful even in this short amount of time. I wish I had heard about your organization sooner! But thank you again; they have been an immense help in preparing me mentally for my radiation tomorrow.”
Katie O., Thyroid Cancer Fighter
“Reaching out to Imerman Angels when I was diagnosed was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Absolutely no one, except someone who has gone through exactly what I’ve gone through and survived, could have helped me fortify my resolve to live in the powerful way my angel did. My angel is an extraordinary person who has mentored me through this battle and has taught me how to help myself survive. My angel has encouraged my determination to be here for my son as he grows up! Someday, I will dance with my son at his wedding because I will have survived cancer! And I will owe a big part or my survival to IA and my angel.”
Katie I., Breast Cancer Fighter
“I am so proud to be part of this wonderful collection of people who care, love and give. I am fortunate to have cancer fighters call me so that I can share my experiences while providing support and inspiration. Keep up the great work, angels and god bless you all…”
Murray R., Prostate Cancer Survivor
“Imerman Angels has been here for me since literally, day one. Dave was with me through every step of the process. He was able to tell me everything I wanted to know and basically became my hero overnight. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this with such ease if it weren’t for Imerman Angels. They are amazing people and it is my goal later to pay it back by being an angel for another person fighting cancer.”
Brett M., Non-Seminoma Testicular Cancer Survivor
“Thanks for putting me in touch with Barb Alvarado. We have had some great conversations, shared our stories and definitely inspired one another. She is truly magnificent and I know she will climb this mountain and be much stronger when she reaches the other side. Until then, I promise to keep her in my prayers and help her anyway possible. Thank you Imerman Angels for the HOPE you give and for all of the beautiful ways it touches so many lives!!! Our world is a greater place with this organization in it.”
Julie S., Cervical Cancer Survivor
“When I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in August 2006, I felt overwhelmed by my diagnosis and the medical jargon that being delivered to me by rapid fire. Jonny was the life preserver I needed at the time, because before I was put in touch with him and his network of Angels, I felt like I was drowning. This network of angels shares the spirit and compassion of their leader Jonny and truly are some of the most inspiring people I have ever known in my entire life. It’s not often that you meet someone who gives you the hope and support to have a second chance at life. I never thought I would say that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I also never thought an organization like Imerman Angels would touch me in such a deep way to my inner core. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely put into words how much Jonny and Imerman Angels helped me in life, but those close to me can feel the mark this support system has had on me, as it helped me transition from a cancer fighter to a proud cancer survivor today. ”
Ryan M., Testicular Cancer Survivor
“Imerman Angels helped me sustain the hope, inner-strength, motivation, courage and faith that I needed to endure the treatments that would SAVE MY LIFE! It’s normal to be scared when your doctor says, ‘You have cancer.’ Imerman Angels helps EMPOWER us with a better chance of long-term survival and I’m proud to be a part of this organization by helping and giving back.”
George S., Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Survivor
“Thanks once again for all of your support and for connecting me with these fabulous women! I already have made it two days without crying since I found Imerman Angels! Imerman Angels gives me the light and a lot of strength to push through and now I have confidence that I will be just FINE! You are the present that I’ve received this year.”
Jessica D., Breast Cancer Survivor
“I am always searching for meaningful ways to give back and Imerman Angels is the perfect answer to my prayers. I think the “gift” you give the survivors is the opportunity to “empower others.” I have found that this sense of empowerment is what has helped me heal the wounds cancer has given my son.”
René L., Caregiver
“We thank Imerman Angels for being there for ALL OF US in addition to my husband. I know my daughter has really benefited from speaking with a caregiver angel – someone who related and truly understood.”
Diana D., Caregiver
“I became aware of Imerman Angels after seeing a video clip on Fox TV. After speaking with the fabulous group over at IA it became very clear to me that I needed to get involved with this organization. I lost my wife to colon cancer 4 years ago and it’s great to know that an organization like this exists. Helping others in the healing process has in turn helped me!”
Dave G., Caregiver
The most important support I needed after my diagnosis was to simply talk to others who understood.”
Doug Ulman, President & CEO, I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, 12-Year Young Adult Survivor
“Imerman Angels provides in exceedingly measurable form one of the most vital yet sorely lacking support infrastructures throughout the young adult survivorship community; the need for immediate peer support. Through education and collaboration they exemplify the notion that the young adult social movement is a voice that will be ignored no longer.”
Matthew Zachary, Founder & CEO, Thyroid Cancer Fighter
“When I learned about Imerman Angels, I thought that my STAR Program patients, who are all adult survivors of childhood cancer could really contribute to their cause. It offers them a unique opportunity to “give back” to patients who are facing the same difficulties they faced. I am so glad to hear that many of my patients did get involved with this great organization.”
Karen Kinahan, Clinical Nurse Specialist, STAR Program: Survivors Taking Action & Responsibility, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University