Cancer Awareness Ribbons

The season of fall-  it’s when the leaves change colors, the weather gets colder, Halloween flew on by and snow is just a few weeks away.  This season also has another very important purpose that many people don’t remember.  It’s a season of cancer awareness.   October is a month to raise awareness for a cancer that affects an estimated 230,480 new women every year- breast cancer.  November is another big month dedicated to cancer awareness- for Lung, Prostate and Stomach cancer!  Whether you grow a moustache or wear purple, any little bit helps to raise awareness.

Some people may ask why cancer awareness is so important.  Most people already know generalities about cancer and think that it is enough.  Some may think getting cancer will never happen to them or they will not be affected by it in some way.  Others may not think a month dedicated to cancer awareness is needed.  But awareness is needed for countless reasons.  That month to raise awareness helps teach methods of early detection and increases fundraising to continue searching for a cure.

Many people believe cancer will not affect them or their lives, but awareness movements, like October and breast cancer, help people learn the early signs.  Knowing about the early signs can save a person’s life.  Awareness helps ensure the cancer gets caught early and treatment can be started immediately.  Without awareness movements many cancers may not be caught until it’s too late. Awareness helps people come together in support of each other and those touched by cancer.    Awareness is essential to continue fighting against cancer.