Every day we’re touched by the outpouring of support we receive from our friends in the community.  One such example is a creative connection made by our pal Sven, who ran the marathon on our team this year and whose beautiful wife is a cancer survivor.  He introduced us to a talented local band called Elsinore.  They’re donating 100 percent of proceeds from remixes by Sven of “Gasoline” -off of their album Yes Yes Yes- to Imerman Angels in support of our mission to help make 1-on-1 cancer connections.  Check it out here: http://elsinore.bandcamp.com/album/svens-gasoline-trio.

Elsinore is based in Champaign-Urbana and they’ve had national exposure with their title track “Yes Yes Yes” being featured on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Kohl’s has also used this track as part of their national ad campaign.   Channeling the work of modern-day masters Ben Gibbard and Sufjan Stevens, songwriter Ryan Groff has crafted a batch of vivacious yet personal songs that joyfully soundtrack the simplistic bliss of life in the Midwest.

Recorded over two years and a thousand studio hours, Yes Yes Yes is a textured and dynamic song-scape. The album flows organically through epic, passionate rockers (Landlocked, Gasoline), hushed and intimate confessions (Body of Water, Breathing Light), and playful accounts of legendary locals (Chemicals). Groff’s Thom Yorke-esque voice elicits moods of vulnerability and positivity, and pulls from the entire spectrum of love itself. The album was co-produced with Adam Schmitt (HUM, Headlights) and Anthony Gravino, and was mastered by Jon Pines (Billy Bragg & Wilco, Jay Bennett, Braid) in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Yes Yes Yes is much more than a statement of positivity. It’s an enthusiastic realization; an honest and autobiographical display of humanism. These are stories of self-examination, sacrifice, compromise, and lessons learned.

What a great thematic fit for our own mission!  Thanks, Sven.