Imerman Angels is excited to announce our Professional’s Board for 2013!  Our amazing team of 21 volunteers will be a tremendous resource in supporting our mission, raising awareness, fundraising, planning/executing events, and recruiting/supporting Team Imerman Active.  Most importantly, they have a keen eye on having fun in all of their endeavors.  Their commitment, drive, and talents will play a crucial role in Imerman Angels’ ability to support Cancer Survivors and fighters.  We are very thankful to have such an awesome group to work with!

Quick list and thank you to our members:

Jemma Lotzer, Lizzy Sternberg, Brennan Hughes, Megan Hughes, Anita Kalhan, Kevin Kurasch, Spencer Larkin, Michael Leyva, Allison Mecher, Grant Niewinski, Jim Rafferty, Kate Shanahan, Julie Teitelbaum, Victoria Unger, Kevin Ware, Matthew Abeles, Ashley Beirne, Matthew Kornblatt, Brianna Martinez, Khatam Masoud, Janelle Myers, Sara Oliphant, Anjali Pandit