I hope this message finds you well. My name is Brian Hastings and I have been appointed the new writer for Imerman Angels cancer blog. I greet you with the warmest of welcomes as I set out to  motivate, educate, and inspire through words and action. The path I am on now is paved with those exact intentions, although it has not always been that way. You see, for nearly the past two years, I sat in an office working a nine to five job as a graphic designer. The stress was high and the deadlines were tight, but at twenty-five, I thought that was necessary to succeed in the industry. I kept up with that pattern, as I had for most of my life; go-go-go, until December 2012 when my body said no more. I spent New Year’s Eve enduring a series of scans. My worst fears were soon confirmed. You have cancer…

I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced testicular cancer and two months to live. In the next five days I was wheeled into my first-ever surgery. Blood tests revealed that my tumor markers had soared well beyond three hundred thousand; the highest my nurse said she had ever seen. Normal levels are below ten. These guys needed to work fast and I was beyond determined. What was expected to be an outpatient procedure took a bit of a twist. Sitting twenty pounds lighter, I spent the next seven days in the hospital receiving immediate chemotherapy. This process continued on for three months and was known for being one of the most nauseating regimens on the market. However, because of a strict, organic, vegetarian diet which consisted of loads of juicing, the best positive attitude, and the most incredible family and friends, my nurse said I was the first she had seen to never get sick from treatment. It’s all a mental game. Positivity is a majority of the battle. You’re body will heal if you believe it will and allow it to do so. The power of intention is amazing! Nonetheless, this was a major accomplishment for me as I have always had deep roots in holistic sensibilities. This was proof that there is true magic in nature and the results have opened up so many doors. As I sit in remission, I’ll be starting school in the fall to pursue my masters in holistic medicine and soon, one day obtain my Ph.D. Health and wellness is my passion and it is now my time to give back and help others heal as I continue to heal myself. I’m so grateful for these opportunities and will continue to follow my instincts down the road to happiness. Keep smiling, stay well, and remember “Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it.”

All the best,