I want to introduce to you a dear friend, as well as a mentor angel and a thirteen year cancer survivor, Ursula Kaiser. This incredibly inspiring individual is the author of a massively informative book called ‘My Journey to Wellness.’ It is her own true story of terminal cancer healing naturally. Kaiser was raised in Germany and settled in Chicago in 1967, when she bought a company which designed kitchen utensils for Martha Stewart. Ursula believes the high stress attracted cancer, even while living a healthy lifestyle. Her prognosis by 3 oncologists was “you have 3 months to live if you don’t take chemo/radiation.” She had 4th stage ovarian/uterine cancer which had spread to lymph. Ursula Kaiser chose to detox, boost her immune system, change her diet and other healing modalities. After 12 months all her cancer cells were gone. She survived and thrived from cancer without drugs and/or toxins usually prescribed by doctors. Ursula empowered her own health – mind, body and spirit to the level that healed the cancer. This led to the creation of “Journey to Wellness: How I Beat Cancer Naturally” It includes information for healing the body holistically from her 100,000+ hours of research, important tips for cancer prevention, maintaining health, emotional healing, necessary cleanses, simple convenient key recipes to keep your health and wellness at optimal levels to live an abundant life. Kaiser says: “People should have no fear. Cancer is just a word. We can all heal ourselves and the body can heal itself. That’s my main message.”