Love is in the air, especially on this Valentine’s Day. Recently we received an email from a woman who sought support from us in the past. In this email she stated, “If it wasn’t for your organization, I wouldn’t have met my husband.” Jaws dropped! From angel wings to wedding rings, this was definitely an unexpected connection!

In March 2010 Sherry was dealing with abnormal blood counts and learned she had MDS. This is when she was led to Imerman Angels. She signed up for support immediately and was paired almost instantaneously with a Mentor Angel named Jamie. Sherry was living in California while Jamie was living in New Jersey. Jamie reached out to Sherry right away and they spoke for over an hour, sharing their stories and treatment options. From that moment on they chatted about their journeys and talked all the time through phone calls and texts.

A friendship was developing, but who knew it would be any more than that?  Eventually Jamie mailed Sherry a cool cover for her arm picc line which she considered a lifesaver. Fast forwarding to 2011, that summer Sherry and a friend traveled to New Jersey to meet Jamie. She stated, “It was a great visit and I knew there was something indescribable between us.”  In fact, it was that great she decided to go back and visit again at Thanksgiving.  This time around she knew more than a friendship blossomed and eventually she relocated from CA to NJ in 2012.

On Christmas Eve 2012, Jamie proposed to Sherry. By mid December 2013, they were married happily ever after. Sherry mentioned, “I don’t know how a course of events made it possible to have married my best friend. However, I know one thing for sure… without Imerman Angels, there is no way two people living on opposite coasts would have ever met!”

Although we are not a dating match making service, sometimes magic happens. See below a picture of connection perfection at its finest!