We are very excited to have recently launched our new Detroit Chapter of Imerman Angels, spreading one-on-one cancer support to more cities and families nationwide. Our Team IA runners participated in the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon on Sunday, October 19 and the 5K and Kids’ Fun Run on Saturday, October 18. Team IA member Cory Kroneman from Bloomfield Village, Michigan, ran the full marathon and raised $5,000, exceeding his goal of $3,500. Cory, who met founder Jonny Imerman in high school long before Imerman Angel’s inception, planned on running the marathon, and we are very glad he decided to run for Team IA.


Emily and Noel Villajuan also participated in the 5K on Saturday in honor of their close friend, a mother of three young children, who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. Jennifer Ortwein and son Jack Ortwein from Bloomfield Village, Michigan, also took part in the fun. Jennifer ran the 5K and her son participated in the Kids’ Fun Run. Jennifer and Jack hope to participate again next year, with Jack running alongside his mother in the 5K. We greatly appreciate the support from everyone. We are so proud of all of you!


Our Michigan Regional Director Duffy Wineman was also in attendance at the marathon! Duffy helped raise funds and cheered Team IA on at the marathon finish line. Team Imerman Angels participants raised a total of $11,500 to benefit Imerman Angels’ mission.

It’s inspiring to see how everyone can come together and make such a difference! We are so grateful for everyone who participated in the marathon and everyone who showed their support. A great thank you for everyone who helped launch our Detroit Chapter of Imerman Angels! We hope to keep expanding and spreading our mission to cities nationwide. See everyone next year!



Submitted by Molise PR