Dear Friends,

Since launching in 2006, Imerman Angels has had a laser vision of what we do. We enable personalized connections that provide 1-on1 support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

We know we do it better than anyone else in the world. To date we have enabled more than 10,000 connections in all 50 states and more than 60 countries.

In 2014 we had taken strategic strides to expand our global reach with a series of firsts. We opened our first chapter outside of the Chicago market in Detroit. We hired our first Spanish speaking Cancer Support Specialist, so we could further reach the Hispanic community, in which cancer is the number one cause of death. We hosted our first signature gala, Wings of Hope in Chicago, and our first event in New York City.

As we reflected on the closing year and approached 2015, our team got together and I asked them the BIG question:


So, in 2015, we are turning a page at Imerman Angels. Our first order of business is to expand our services geographically. Our new Los Angeles chapter has been launched, and on the other coast, our New York City chapter is not far behind.

What comes with reaching a larger market is the realization that we are so much more than what we do. We must be able to effectively communicate who we are.


We will no longer claim, as we have done for years, that we have the largest database of its kind in the world. Indeed, we are not a database on a computer screen, and we are not a spreadsheet of cancer statistics. Who are we? We are the largest network of its kind in the world.

We aren’t just an organization. We aren’t just structure, and boardrooms, and management. We are brave Cancer Fighters. We are wise Survivors. We are loving Caregivers. We are Friends, Family and Supporters: tireless volunteers, generous sponsors and donors of resources. Who are we? We are a thriving community of people who are touched by cancer.

We are:


 Each of us has a place in the cancer fight.

It is our responsibility to reach and educate not only the cancer world, but to also capture the attention of the general public who does not know about Imerman Angels, the free services we provide, and the benefits of our service.

To put this into action, in 2015 we are further engaging our Mentor Angels, volunteers and partners across the country and around the world by implementing strong ambassador programs; creating manageable and customizable sponsorship initiatives; developing multi-cultural, multiple language channels; and engaging younger, influential generations through the digital space.IA_subtag

Our goal is to ensure that no one faces cancer alone, and we will stop at nothing to reach every single person that cancer has touched. Together we can inspire and uplift each other by humanizing cancer and spreading awareness to continue to grow our network.

We realize that change can be a powerful and empowering thing. To symbolize our evolution, we proudly reveal the new Imerman Angels logo.



Hector Nuñez
Imerman Angels Chief Operating Office
& Cancer Survivor