Imerman Angels Announces New York Professionals’ Board | Spring Gala, May 16

Imerman Angels Announces New York Professionals’ Board | Spring Gala, May 16

Imerman Angels, One-on-One Cancer Support Community,
Announces the Launch of New York City Professionals Board

Spring Gala launch party set for Saturday, May 16 at Gilded Lily.

We are so proud to announce the official launch of our New York City professionals’ board, the first step in spreading our wings for Imerman Angels in New York (IA/NY), set to open in 2015.

Originally founded in Chicago in 2006 by testicular cancer survivor Jonny Imerman, Imerman Angels is a global cancer community, which has enabled more than 10,000 cancer support connections in 50 states, and in more than 60 countries. Through a personalized matching process, Imerman Angels carefully pairs a person touched by cancer – a cancer fighter – with someone who has fought and survived the same type of cancer – a Mentor Angel. Cancer caregivers (spouses, parents, children and friends of fighters) also receive one-on-one connections with other caregivers and survivors. These relationships inspire hope and offer support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience. The service is entirely free and offers help to anybody touched by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

“The success of Imerman Angels has been overwhelming, but we’re just getting started. We are so pleased and grateful to welcome New York into our family, and have their support in raising awareness and spreading our message,” says Hector Nunez, Chief Operating Officer, Imerman Angels / Stage 4 Head & Neck Cancer Survivor.

Imerman Angels fills an important need in the cancer community, and the success of the program has sparked the need to spread the model beyond the reach of the Chicago area. After the successful launch of Imerman Angels in Detroit in 2014 and in Los Angeles earlier this year, we are proud to break ground on our next chapter in New York with the assistance of a highly qualified professionals’ board. Imerman Angel’s New York professionals’ board includes: Benjamin Salter, President; David Karsenti, Vice President; Sasha Soyfer, PR Chair; Annie Dane, Events Chair; Jacob Lopez, Team Imerman Angels Chair; Andrea Vollman, Hospital Chair; and Kristin Youngkin, Coordination Chair.

Dr. Benjamin Salter, an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai and IA/NY Ambassador and Professional Board Chair, knows firsthand the importance of one-on-one support which is exactly why he launched the Imerman Angels’ New York initiatives in 2012. “Imagine being 27 years old and hearing the life-altering words, ‘you have cancer.’ Those three words lead to a countless cycle of doctor appointments and treatment sessions. Despite being one of the lucky ones with an incredible strong support system, my family and friends still could not answer the protocol and what I might anticipate down the road. Having personally worked with the Imerman Angels, I can attest to the immeasurable benefits of having a mentor angel to lean on for support. Now I am happy to pay it forward,“ states Salter.

Annual New York Spring Gala
Imerman Angels will host its annual Spring Gala in New York on Saturday, May 16 at Gilded Lily. The event features a 3-hour open bar, light bites, and an extensive silent auction. Patients, survivors, caregivers, loved ones, Mentor Angels and all those affected by cancer are invited to celebrate and learn more about the organization and meet with members of Imerman Angel’s New York professionals’ board. Tickets for the Spring Gala start at $65. To purchase your tickets, click HERE!


In addition to the annual Gala, Imerman Angels will also host several upcoming events in New York to spread awareness such as active events in partnership with Lululemon Athletica and regular Sweet Treat Social gatherings at various cancer centers throughout the city. The Imerman Angels team in New York is also proud to have been invited to establish Team Imerman Angels as an official community charity for the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon.

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