Awareness of young adults with cancer is not as broad as cancer and older adults. Imerman Angels is working along with several cancer-community organizations to change that.

As part of this effort, we thought to spotlight a few organizations that are focused on changing preconceptions to result in better outcomes. A few of these have recently embarked on awareness initiatives including conferences and social-media campaigns.

One of our Wings of Hope Gala award recipients, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, is working to boost awareness through a custom hashtag/social media campaign #ayachicago which, if you follow, will bring up photos and posts about their work in not only increasing exposure but it changing outcomes through their Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Center:

Here are several additional organizations that are also working to boost awareness of cancer in young adults through various methods:

Imerman Angels supports these organizations in several ways including co-sponsorship of events in the cancer community as well as through our Mentor Angel program where we work to connect young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer to young adult cancer fighters with young adult survivors with the same type of cancer, same treatment, anywhere in the world.

We are making connections every week with adolescents and young adults and are always seeking more who are looking to become guiding lights, inspirations, or simply just a shoulder that can be of immense comfort to anyone that is on a cancer journey.

If you are a survivor or just want to make a difference, please use social media of your choice and hashtag #ayachicago #cancermentor #cancerinyoungadults #YAsurvivor #childcancersurvivor or a hashtag that is meaningful to you.

Please visit our YouTube video library to view our inspirational videos about fighting cancer, living with cancer at any age, and of course, how emotional support for cancer can be life changing:

Inspirational Cancer Support Video from Imerman Angels

To see an inspiring video about Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University at our Wings of Hope Gala this year, visit: