In this inspiring and candid cancer survivorship video, Kurt Soper and his wife, Carrie, discuss their journey overcoming the challenges associated with chondrosarcoma  – a rare cartilage and bone cancer that is diagnosed only 600 times annually in the United States.

The video highlights Kurt’s journey back to an active lifestyle after a necessary amputation of his left-side pelvis and leg (known as a hemipelvectomy).  This includes activities with his young daughter, Ava, a a hike up one of Colorado’s tallest peaks (over 14,000 feet!).

Kurt and his wife share their story of survivorship, the critical role of support and family in their journey, and how their perspectives on life changed as a result.

Fortuitously for us, Kurt learned about Imerman Angels after he researching organizations where he could share his story and help others.  He has already been a Mentor Angel to a few cancer fighters that are battling cartilage and bone cancers including one who is facing amputation. He is also extremely active in his community as a cancer advocate, speaker, and volunteer to those going through treatment or post-treatment rehabilitation.

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