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CURE Magazine published an article, “Going Through Cancer with an Angel by Your Side” featuring our 1-on-1 cancer support mission

CURE Magazine published an article about Imerman Angels highlighting our mission of 1-on-1 cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

The article touches about our 10-year history from the days our founder – Jonny Imerman – walked hospital floors to provide emotional support to those undergoing cancer treatment to today with our new CEO and Executive Director Ben Bornstein at the helm.

“Imerman Angels is for cancer fighters,” Bornstein said. “It’s also for caregivers, like a child or parent of a cancer fighter, a sibling or even a friend, if you’re the primary caregiver.”

Mentor Angels, who are cancer survivors, are at the center of the organization as they lend support to those currently battling cancer.

“The whole point is that they’re providing information that the cancer fighter needs to have that’s outside the scope of their medical doctors and maybe their family and friends,” Bornstein said. “Someone who’s literally been in the same shoes as the person fighting the cancer, has made it through the other side, and has experienced some of the same side effects either medically or socially. They also act as the guiding hand and emotional support through the journey back to health.”

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