Stan Siuta, golf chair of the Sixth Annual Imerman Angels Golf Outing, is pumped up about the event for various reasons. But it is his enthusiasm about spending time with the people who enable Imerman Angels to offer one-on-one cancer support that really stands out.

“I am very excited to meet cancer fighters, caregivers, Mentor Angels and everyone involved with the organization. I want to tell the volunteers what a difference their involvement makes, and let me them know how much they are appreciated,” he says.

Stan and his wife, Maria, were first introduced to Imerman Angels a few years ago by a friend – Imerman Angels CEO and Executive Director Ben Bornstein. Ben tries to spread awareness of the organization to as many people as he is able.

“I want those affected by cancer to know that they can get emotional support from someone who has been there, someone who truly understands,” he says.

Stan and Maria have been adamant supporters of Imerman Angels ever since. Their passion stems from the couple’s own experiences with the enormous toll cancer can take on both cancer fighters and their loved ones.

“My wife and I have been deeply affected by the losses we have endured because of cancer. If Imerman Angels had been around when I lost my father and my brother, I know that my entire family and I would have been better prepared for the battles we fought,” he says.

Stan’s role as golf chair evolved from conversations in which the Imerman Angels staff sought Stan’s insight on golf tournaments. The golf chair position is a natural fit for Stan, given his experience as a golfer and his appreciation for the organization’s mission. He is honored and pleased to help raise awareness about Imerman Angels and funds for matches.

“I love being able to help Imerman Angels achieve these goals. I know that the money we raise will go toward funding more matches – matches that will help cancer fighters, caregivers and their families make it through this terrible time in their lives. The support Mentor Angels offer helps everyone involved feel stronger and better prepared to get through this ordeal,” he says.

While cancer is a heavy experience in many ways, Stan recognizes and appreciates how entertaining the Golf Outing has been in previous years, with this year no exception.

“The theme of this year’s Golf Outing is fun. We will play a few special games on the course, plus hold a hole-in-one contest with a car as a prize. And right before the tournament starts, a certified RST instructor will teach a clinic in which he will offer pointers to players at every level, to help enhance their performance,” he says.

In addition to raising awareness and funds on behalf of Imerman Angels, Stan does have one personal goal for this year’s event.

“I really do not want to embarrass myself on the golf course!” he says, chuckling.

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