IMG_7252Brenda Amor has battled cancer three times. While the experience has taken a toll on her, Brenda is tremendously grateful for the undying loyalty and healing comfort of her therapy dog, Diesel.

“I do not know what I would do without Diesel. He is better for me than any medicine or any of my best friends. It is like he reads my mind. He knows when I need him and he knows how to comfort me. He is so compassionate,” she says.

Brenda got Diesel, an 11-pound blond Pomeranian who is currently seven years old, from a woman who specifically trained him to be a therapy dog. Diesel faithfully goes to Brenda whenever he senses she is in pain. He can even pinpoint the location of her pain. For example, he will lay on Brenda’s stomach if she is having pain in that area.

Diesel is also a faithful companion who watches out for Brenda’s best interests at all times. When Brenda takes him to the park and throws a toy for Diesel to chase, he ceases playing if another person enters the park and stands by Brenda’s side. Since Diesel is a certified therapy dog, Brenda can take him almost everywhere with her.

“We are basically inseparable,” she says.

Brenda was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009 and underwent a radical hysterectomy. When the cancer metastasized to her presacral in 2010, Brenda received chemotherapy and radiation. After a PET scan showed suspicious activity, Brenda had part of her lung removed and was diagnosed with stage I lung cancer in January of this year.

“Fighting cancer has gotten harder and harder each time. This time I am so weak, I have not been able to zip back to work as quickly as before. I am hoping I can strategize and find out how to get stronger,” she says.

In the meantime, the 53 year-old Tampa, Florida resident has Diesel by her side.

“Diesel loves me unconditionally, and gives me so much of his time and energy,” she says.

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