IA current logoMyLifeLine.org LogoImerman Angels has bolstered its ability to help support cancer fighters and caregivers by partnering with MyLifeLine.org Cancer Foundation – an organization that offers cancer fighters and caregivers the resources to build an online support community of family and friends through free, personalized websites.

Each website provided by MyLifeLine.org includes a blog, a calendar to share dates, as well as ways the cancer fighter or caregiver’s support community can help, a page dedicated to fundraising, privacy settings, and education resources that allow the support community to learn about the fighter or caregiver’s cancer and treatment.

Marcia Donziger, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997 at 27 years old, founded MyLifeLine.org in 2007. At the time, because the Internet was not as widely used as it is today, those who cared about her reached out primarily by phone. While she appreciated the support and concern, Marcia felt overwhelmed by the volume of it and drained from repeating the same information and updates to different people. This culminated in feelings of guilt for being physically unable to return all of the phone calls she received and keep everyone updated.

The idea for MyLifeLine.org was inspired by another cancer fighter, Lori Aquilla Anderson, who used a personal website to post her progress and stay in touch with family and friends throughout her battle. Lori’s website grew to include encouraging messages and offers to help from visitors. Marcia realized the enormous benefits that a personal website dedicated to their cancer journey offered to cancer fighters and caregivers. It provided a central place where updates could be shared, and various types of help could be requested or offered.

The partnership between Imerman Angels and MyLifeLine.org is a perfect pairing, as both organizations were founded by young adults diagnosed with cancer, who realized during their fight that there was a void in the cancer system that needed to be filled: emotional and social support.

Diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 26 years old, Imerman Angels Founder Jonny Imerman was fortunate enough to receive loving support from his family and friends, but had never met anyone his age who had survived the same type of cancer and could truly relate to his experience. In 2006, as a two-time cancer survivor, Jonny founded Imerman Angels. The organization, currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, offers free one-on-one support to cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers from Mentor Angels. A Mentor Angel is a volunteer who provides support, empathy and understanding to a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver. They can share their own story, answer questions their mentee may have and offer encouragement.

Support Specialists carefully match Mentor Angels with mentees who share many similarities including gender, age, cancer type and stage. Fueled by the desire to help cancer fighters, caregivers and survivors in any way possible, Imerman Angels also works with cancer partner organizations that offer services complementary to their own.

“To date, Imerman Angels and MyLifeLine.org have provided support to over 175,000 cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers and their friends and family members, and hope to reach thousands more through our combined efforts. This partnership will significantly broaden the community and reach of both organizations, allowing us to help thousands more of those whose lives have been affected by cancer. The potential impact is enormous,” says Imerman Angels CEO and Executive Director Ben Bornstein, a three-time cancer survivor.

“This partnership offers cancer patients and caregivers two ways to receive social and emotional support through referrals and resources from both organizations,” says Pete Sheehan, MyLifeLine.org CEO. “Imerman Angels provides one-on-one support which is incredibly beneficial to people impacted by cancer. MyLifeLine.org allows patients and caregivers to connect with their entire community for inspiration and encouragement, which is a one-to-many support model. Together we will be able to help a greater number of cancer patients find the type of support service that best meets their needs. Our combined goal is to help get people through their cancer journey and achieve a positive outcome.”

Receive free one-on-one support from someone who has been there from a Mentor Angel at Imerman Angels.

Create your free website at MyLifeLine.org to keep your family and friends updated and receive online support from your community.