Imerman Angels 10th Anniversary LogoCancer Fighters often face uncertainty and can feel like no one they know is able to relate to their experience. Mentor Angels, who have been there, can answer their questions and show them empathy.

Caregivers are in a position where it is easy to neglect their own well-being and they are vulnerable to physical and/or emotional symptoms of stress. Caregiver Mentor Angels provide emotional support and a person with whom caregivers can share their feelings.

Survivors are growing in number due to increasingly sophisticated research and advancements in treatment. Some survivors face physical and/or emotional late term effects of treatment like fatigue and depression. Leading by example, Mentor Angels can show survivors that they can become thrivers.

To date, Imerman Angels has connected over 26,000 cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

You do not need to face this journey alone. Get one-on-one support from a Mentor Angel who has been there, can empathize with you and answer your questions.

Make a real difference in the life of someone who has been touched by cancer. If you have used our services before, this is the perfect opportunity to give back. Provide critical support to cancer fighters, survivors or caregivers by becoming a Mentor Angel with Imerman Angels.