chrysalis-blog-post-pictureThe idea of losing their hair to chemotherapy affects many women as deeply as the cancer diagnosis itself. While high-end wigs that look indistinguishable from a full head of hair are available, some women cannot afford to purchase one – and not every insurance company covers the cost.

Fortunately, Chrysalis Custom Hair is offering women the chance to receive a free high-end natural or synthetic hair wig through its annual Wig Giveaway. The private salon – which specializes in creating wigs for women facing cancer – cleans, refurbishes and styles gently used wigs for the event.

Registration ends on October 17 at midnight. Women with cancer from all over the United States can register for the Giveaway, which features a selection of 50 wigs. Photographs of all of the wigs will be displayed on the website with descriptions to make the process easy. Participants can register for as many wigs as they like. Simply click on each wig and fill out the accompanying form.

Recipients will be determined by a random drawing, notified via email and invited to a wig fitting party held at Chrysalis Custom Hair in Chicago, Illinois on October 25. During the party, the salon’s specially trained stylists will work meticulously with each recipient and her wig to ensure a firm yet comfortable fit. The stylists will also provide instructions and a demonstration of how to put the wig on and remove it. Staff members possess experience with women going through cancer, allowing them to understand recipients’ unique needs and put them at ease.

“I was thrilled to learn that I was going to receive a beautiful high-end wig. It helped to restore my confidence and allowed me to walk with my head held high. Most of all, wearing the wig has helped me to maintain a sense of identity during my cancer journey,” says 2015 Giveaway recipient, Megan Oster.

Learn more about the Chrysalis Custom Hair Wig Giveaway by watching the video below.

Talking to someone who understands is also reassuring when facing cancer. If you are a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver in need of free one-on-one psychosocial support, register to be paired with a Mentor Angel through Imerman Angels.


Watch the video below for additional information on the 2016 Chrysalis Custom Hair Wig Giveaway!