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The Alliance for Fertility Preservation’s mission is to promote dialogue between oncology clinicians, reproductive medicine specialists and patients in order to optimize patients’ reproductive health expectations and quality of life related to fertility. They provide information, tools and resources designed to help patients find and access the fertility preservation services they need in order to protect their parenthood goals.







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The American Cancer Society is dedicated to freeing the world from cancer. The organization funds and conducts research, shares expert information, supports patients, and spreads the word about prevention. Services provided include treatment option discussions, advice on coping with side effects, and health insurance assistance.





The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy, and research. Learn more at Lung.org.








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Founded in Burbank, California, Blue Faery‘s mission is to prevent, treat and cure primary liver cancer, specifically Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) through research, education and advocacy. Founder Andrea Wilson raised her younger sister Adrienne from the time she was eight years old until her death from HCC at the age of 15. Adrienne was only sick 147 days. Andrea’s goal is to see a cure for liver cancer in her lifetime.






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Camp Kesem is a nationwide community that supports children during and after their parent’s cancer by operating summer camps for children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. This camp is open to any child age 6 to 16 who has lost a parent to cancer, has a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or has a parent who is a cancer survivor. By offering innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community, Kesem aims to ensure that every child impacted by a parent’s cancer is never alone.


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Cancer and Careers knows from research that a majority of cancer survivors and people with cancer are eager to continue working, but need support to balance their health and work demands. The organization provides support for people with cancer who are managing a career. They provides expert advice, interactive tools, and educational events to empower cancer fighters and survivors in the workplace.







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CancerCare is the leading national organization dedicated to providing free, professional support services. These services are provided to anyone affected by cancer as a patient or caregiver and include counseling, support groups, educational workshops, publications, and financial assistance. All CancerCare services are provided by oncology social workers and world-leading cancer experts.







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The Cancer Legal Resource Center provides cancer-related legal information and resources to people nationwide. Services provided include a telephone assistance line, conferences, seminars, workshops, education and outreach programs, and other cancer community activities. Overall, resources for legal issues are provided.






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The Cancer Support Community, with Gilda’s Club association, is the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that all people affected by cancer, patients and caregivers, are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. Services include the highest quality emotional and social support as well as online and over the phone support.







Launched in 2002 for patients with cancer, survivors and their caregivers, CURE® Media Group’s flagship magazine and online resource curetoday.com provide access to leading resources and information that serve as a guide to every stage of the cancer experience






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The Patient Advocate Foundation provides professional case management services to Americans with chronic, life threatening, and debilitating illnesses. Case managers on staff serve as active liaisons between the patient and their insurer, employer, and/or creditors to resolve insurance, job retention, and/or debt crisis matters as they relate to their diagnosis, also assisted by doctors and healthcare attorneys. This organization seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment, and preservation of their financial stability.






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The Ronald McDonald House assists families with sick children in finding comfort and support when they need it most. These houses are home environments providing support and resources that help keep families together. This allows families to face the weight of illness together, allows children to get the best care, and provides services for families including home cooked meals, private bedrooms, and playrooms for children.






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Team Maggie for a Cure provides fertility support for young adults facing cancer. Team Maggie knows that certain cancer treatments can lead to infertility and wants to help you beat your cancer for you and the next generation. Services provided include support, education, and financial assistance to teens and young adults with cancer seeking fertility preservation.


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Us TOO International is a nonprofit that serves the prostate cancer community by providing educational resources and support services at no charge. Established in 1990, the organization was founded by—and continues to be governed by—people directly affected by prostate cancer. The mission of Us TOO is to provide hope and improve the lives of those affected by prostate cancer through support, education and advocacy/awareness. Us TOO provides a variety of resource materials and has more than 200 support groups throughout the U.S. and abroad that help men and their spouses/partners and families make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection, treatment options and management of related side effects.

For further resources, please visit the National Cancer Institute at http://supportorgs.cancer.gov